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  • Dec 27 '15

    Really? So don't be a good nurse, don't rock the boat? Are you a nurse or a politician? What I gathered from the post was:
    1. A Bad Preceptor.
    2. A Manager that doesn't listen to the genuine concerns that a new nurse has brought forth.

    Either one of these is a cause for concern. Togeather they spell disaster.
    Either the manager is close friends with the preceptor, and doesn't want to "rock the boat" with the friend by avoiding enforcement of good nursing practice standards, or the manager is incompetent and can't discipline the preceptor.

    I agree that a year is way too short for a nurse to be a preceptor.

  • Aug 26 '12

    Just the cancer patient white and the SSC patient black? Just curious.
    Is suspicion of drug seeking ever driven by a patient's race?

    Just a reminder...Med-Surg nurses are charged with treating the patient's medical conditions, not addictions. Unless you are working in a drug-treatment facility, you are not equipped or trained to treat the addiction. You must treat an addict's pain like you would any other patient's pain, which is to the point of reasonable relief.