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    Quote from ZiggysGal
    CC program here in South Texas... approximately 2500-3000 (estimate)... no carry-over waiting list and admission is primarily based on entrance exam score (no pre-reqs, but minor academic requirements - TSI qualified).

    Then again, I've noticed that it appears to be significantly easier to get in to a program in Texas than California... based solely on posts on this board...

    Currently, I wouldn't pay for private school... especially at better than 5 times the cost of the CC program. However, I WOULD if it was like it is in California.

    I completely understand paying a higher tuition for the convenience of not having to wait year after year... makes perfect sense.
    Can you pls tell me what scholl is this? THANKS!

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    Hi im planning to apply at Grayson community college, their pre requisite is just either BIOL 2404 or A&PI-II (within 5 yrs) and pass the TEAS test with the average of 60%. I just finished BIOL 2404(Survey of anatomy and Physiology) and got a grade of A, but my friend keeps telling me that i should also take A&P class. So my question is, does anyone here, or know anyone who attended Grayson community college that just had BIOL 2404 and did good in the program? Do you guys think i should still take A&P class? Thanks!

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    Hello all im planning to study LVN program at Grayson but just have few questions about the program.

    1. If i take CNA program do i get extra point towards qualifying into the program?

    2. My friend told me that i should also take A&P I II. Will it help me get into that program?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Quote from Katy-NursingStudent
    I currently live in Durant and am going to Grayson too. I am applying for both programs next fall as well. I have taken other medical classes through the Atoka kiamichi campus and really liked it. I have a few friends that have graduated from Kiamichi's nursing program and they liked it. It has no pre reqs but having other certifications help.
    Hi- I am also applying this fall... I hope that i will get aaccepted to both schools. Yes i spoke with one of the staff at Kiamichi and she said that there is no pre-reqs for LVN, but i will still take BIOL class and maybe A&P class. What classes did you took at Kiamichi?

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    Hi all! Im new to this forum. I lived in Frisco TX and I'm interested in becoming an LVN/LPN. I would like to know more about this school? Good/bad experience? Do they have a good LPN program?

    Just like to have another option just in case i won't get accepted at Grayson. Thanks in advance!