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    I'm a pre-nursing student and for the last 6yrs have worked in LTC and love it However I do not want to work in LTC once I become a RN so I began applying with various facilities to attempt to get in a position that would offer more experience in a hospital setting. After applying for over 3mo to a local hospital (that I love btw)I got an interview and on Monday was offered the position as a PACU TECH. I'm extremely excited but very nervous b/c like I stated before I have no experience in a hospital setting. I would love to hear any advise, reccomendations, etc from all you you in this dept. What do the techs do that really help you out day to day, what makes a great tech? I really want to do a great job so any input would be greatly appriciated! Thanks

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    Hello all! I'm a pre-nursing student and have been applying like crazy to get my "foot in the door" in a hospital setting. I currently work in LTC and love it but it's not truely what I want to do and I feel like if I could obtain a position as a tech in a hospital I could gain much more experience to benefit myself in the future. So after applying 9384902 times to local (and some not so local) hospitals, I finally got a call today for an interview with my choice hospital. It is a very reputable hospital and is less than a 10 minute drive. The position is for a PACU tech and I'm looking for any advice at all. I have never interviewed with a hospital and actually have been with the same LTC facility for the last 7 years so I'm beyond nervous about doing the whole interview! Im not sure what to even wear lol So any advice in regards to the interview and or the position would be greatly appriciated! ( what kind of questions I might be asked, attire, etc, etc,
    Thanks in advance!:spin:

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    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    And then there was this conversation I had with Elaine the other night when I was giving her roommate a bolus feeding and knocked over an empty can, waking her up:

    Elaine: "Who's that over there?"

    Me: "It's just me, Elaine." (She can't remember my name, but knows my voice......or so I thought.)

    Elaine: "Oh, is that the cat?"

    (Roommate starts snickering. I can't help myself.)

    Me: "Yes, Elaine, it is. MEOW!"

    (Roommate is giggling madly. I'm trying not to, but failing miserably.)

    Elaine: "Oh, OK, good to know. I'll go back to sleep now."
    :rollSeriously too funny!!

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    I looove these stories!!! I have worked at a LTC faclility for the past 6 years and we have one LOL who is just the cutest thing ever. She is very tiny and fragile,weighs maybe 80lbs soaking wet & very soft spoken. She always seems to have her eyes half open and is rarely caught with out a smile on her face. We usually have a hard time getting her to eat (at lunch she demands sweetly of course that her salad consist of " 3-4 small pieces of lettuce and 1 drop of dressing") but she has a sweet tooth and loves to snack on sweets at night. One night, during one of her cravings she was really chowing down on a sweet roll and just clearly enjoying it. I said to her "that must be one good roll, you usually eat like a bird" She replyed without looking away from her treat, with frosting on her nose and chin, " chirp chirp..... not tonight" and dove back into it.

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    Thank you all so much for the responses! Im still not positive on what exactly I'm going to do but I know I'm going for it because its something I feel I'm meant to do! Thanks again you all are great!!

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    Hello I'm new to this site and so glad I found it! I'm 24 and have two precious little girls, Im due to start my pre-reqs in Jan 2010 at Front Range Community College and am super excited to get things going! I know it is going to be hard and I think keeping my motivation up is going to be my biggest obstacle.

    I have been kindof searching through topics and have come across the subject of the wait list for front range:imbar. This concerns me b/c I'm already 24 and getting a late start on things and now I'm kindof lost. My original plan was to start spring semester (jan10) and start the pre-reqs and just go on from there and continue working at my current place of employment. Now I was aware there would be a wait list but 3.5-4 years. I have been going back and forth on exactly what I want/ need to do. Would you all advise that I get my cna while waiting to be accepted into the program that way I can get some more experience and make more $ as a cna? ( I currently work in an assisted living facility so I have some experience, just not licensed and really do not make that much for what I have to do.) Any ideas, input, advise, would be greatly appriciated! Thanks!