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    I got in!!! I was finally able to check my email and there was my acceptance email. I still don't know if my UT-Link changed because it was down by the time I got off of work. For those of you still waiting--there is still hope! My good friend has identical creds to my own and she hasn't heard anything yet.... Good Luck!

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    Quote from MaoKhan
    didn't we go through something like this while waiting for interview letters :spin:

    Richard Wang
    Well, I'm really happy to see that you are not beginning of alphabet, otherwise I think I'd be in trouble! Mine hasn't changed yet...

    I don't think I am going to get anything accomplished today now that I'll be stalking my UT Link!

    Congrats to those whose status has changed and good luck to those who are still waiting!

    And just for reference, my creds are:

    Science GPA: 3.88
    Nursing Prereq: 3.82
    NET: 78
    BS in Biological Sciences
    Minor in Psychology
    About a year experience working in the ER, volunteer work done in St. Jude's Children's ward and nursing homes and other smallish things...

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    Hi everyone! I too am a UT SON spring 2010 applicant. I know y'all have to be just as anxious as I am about these upcoming weeks. I was wondering if anyone here has been through the process before (or know someone else who has) and can give some insight into what the interviews are like and what they ask you to write about in the essay portion of the interview. Thanks! Good luck to everyone!