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    As long as you keep your file up to date. Or reapply again from scratch. In california, you can take the exam as many times as long as your file is not expired.

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    My story.

    I graduated college about 10 years ago. I failed my test the first time. I've retaken the test and i'm still not passing. I've worked as a caregiver during those years. I couldn't work in the hospital because my CNA expired. I thought I would be an RN and did not update my CNA. What studying tips do you suggest? Do I need to go back to knowledge base information or should do I need to do a lot of questions? I don't want to give up. I want to be an RN soon!

    Any one need a study buddy in southern california? or someone willing to study via AIM/net??

    Thank you

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    the course that cost $499. i also hear that the kaplan tree can confuse people.

    i also have the kaplan strategies to pass the RN exam (thin blue book). does that work for anyone?

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    Hi everyone! I would like to know if the Kaplan course really helped you to pass your test? Does the Kaplan strategy really work? Did you do the classroom or the full online course?

    I'm debating if its worth paying that much money.

    Thank you.

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    maybe try the clinics or something smaller. I know most people dont want to work at Abrazo health but its something. try that out. I know some friends who work with Banner. Im trying to get the scoop for you but we will see how far i can get for you. so keep in touch just in case we get a lead.

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    Maybe its the new grad and being from a different state. Did you apply online? maybe its best you go directly to the location. I dont like how applying for a job is these days, its all robotic. hehe... Also try, abrazo, magellan healthcare i believe....i cant list the names.. im also new to AZ. try out the job sites like thats the site Az uses alot. also try best wishes.

    at least you have your license. im still working on mine. any tips??

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    Hi. I didn't read all the previous comments so I'm not up to date. Are you in phoenix, AZ? Do you have your RN license or working on it? Try Banner health.

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    does kaplans strategies really do work including the tree? like similar answers should be eliminated and chose between the other two etc etc etc. i have the book and it just gets confusing and takes time to do?

    did this strategy work for you on your exam???

    i need all the tips i can get. thank you

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    I'm still waiting to pass as well. I'm in the same boat as many of you are. whats the strategy that you used or worked for you? some use the kaplan tree and some basically go with the ABCs and Maslows or just answer what is asked. sometimes i get confused with what is asking, i may overthink it too much.

    so its best to study infection control and prioritization right and apply ABCs and maslows then?

    any suggestions, advice, tricks will help. thanks.

    i think letting go of fear and anxiety will help. i have that problem myself. its just a matter of how to chill and relax and have the confidence.

    anyone live out in phoenix, az...or possible study buddy?

    thank you

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    So your best advice it ABCs and maslows? any other tricks of the trade?? i need all the advice and help i can get. thank you

    btw: do you think over studying or getting to detailed with studying can just confuse a person and overthink the question???

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    justEnuff: do you have any advice or tips on passing the test?? thank you

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    Does anyone have any advice or tips regarding the test that would be helpful. thank you

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    It jsut confused me for some reason. Are you planning to take your exam anytime soon? you dont happen to live out in phoenix or san diego do you? i need a study buddy. hehe

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    well that would be great. i live out in the west valley but we will see what we can do. do you have an email addy i can reach you at for now? i have AIM so you can try to hit me up there, its PRNDoNotLoseHope.