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    1) CA
    2) $33.58 with $4 differential for nights and $4 for weekends
    3) New grad
    4) Medical/Surgical and Telemetry unit

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    Hello all, I am currently a nursing student in the BSN program. I am intrested in UCLA's family NP/MSN program. I am kind of worried becuase my GPA from my first bachelor's degree was a 2.45 , but BSN GPA is a 3.8. Do I have a chance of getting accepted . Do they look at cumulative GPA, I wouldn't know how to calculate it because of the 2 degrees. So, do u think I have a chance?

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    Hello, I just finished my first year of the BSN program at a california university. I eventually want to become a family nurse practioner, that is my goal. I was just wondering, after I graduate (In 2013) should I apply for the BSN to DNP program or just the regular MSN/NP program. I heard that in 2015 all of the NPs has to have a DNP, but its not for certain. I don't want to get my MSN and find out later I have to go back to school to get my DNP which is another 3 or 4 years. Should I go for the BSN to DNP or just the MSN/NP. I'm just alittle confused right now.

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    Hi, I am currently in a BSN program. I eventually want to get into a MSN/FNP program after I graduate, from there I want to get a doctorate in nursing. The reason I want to get a doctorate degree is to optain the highest degree possible for my career, attain lots of knowlegde in my field and hopefully with a doctorate will be able to get a job easily, along with many other reasons. I was just wondering if I should get the Ph.d or the DNP. I am leaning toward the Ph.d degree becuase it seems to be the most respected. I wanted to get the DNP initally becuase I thought it was intresting that it focuses on the clinical aspect of nursing, but I am hearing too much negativity of nurse practitioners getting a DNP. I have been hearing that some people think its a "fake" degree for a nurse who wants that "doctor" title. I'm not sure which path to take, what do you guys think? Should I go for the DNP or the Ph.D?

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    Hey, does csusb look at your overall GPA? I thought they just look at your preqs, my preq GPA is 3.47 and my teas test is 82.4. I hope they don't look at my overall GPA because my 1st degree in biology was a 2.48 (I know its low!) I would have had a 3.5 in my preq GPA if it wasn't for that C+ I got in a/p II (errr!).

    Here are my grades

    A/P I: A-
    A/P II: C+
    Micro: A
    Chem 205: A
    Chem 208: A
    Math 115: A
    Critical thinking: A
    Eng 101: B- (took in my 1st degree)
    Com 120: B- (took in my 1st degree)

    other classes required (not preq)

    Stat 305: A
    Psy 201: A
    Hum 375: A (humanities course)

    Took span 150 (intermediate spanish) and got an A-, I don't know if that matters though, I'm not biligual.

    I hope my GPA along with my teas test is good enough for fall 2010

    What do you guys think? Be honest

    What Should I do to make myself more competitive? Should I apply for winter if I don't get accepted and retake my teas test?

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    Hello all,

    Have any of you CRNAs have ever had any close calls with the patients?

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    Hello all,

    I want to become a pediatric NP after I graduate from the BSN. Can I be accepted for the NP after I gradate and obtain my RN license or do I need to work as a nurse for a year or two to be accepted. Which school will take BSN graduates after they get there RN license with out any experience working as an RN?

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    Hey all,

    I want to apply to NAU next year for the accelerated program but they are asking about the HESI A2 exam, what's that? Do we still have to take the teas test along with it?

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    Hello all, I am a new to this forum. I have a BA in Biology with a 2.5 cumulative GPA. My nursing pre-req GPA is 3.3-3.5 (depending on the requirments of the school). I have volunteered at loma linda hospital in the emergency area. Right now I am a Pharm tech becuase my first career plans was Pharmacy school then I changed to nursing. I have not taken my teas, but I plan on taking it and doing well. I volunteered at kasier for a few months in the pharmacy and nursing areas.

    I want to do A-BSN but my cum is too low. What do you think? Do I have a chance?

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    Go for it! My Aunt is pushing 60 years old and doing it. She is in the LPN program right now and the smartest one in her class, the 20 something year old students go to her for help. Her main goal is to become an RN. It is never to late to start a career.

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    I feel screwed right now. My pre-req. GPA at my school is only 3.3, it is based on 9 pre-reqs:

    Ana/phy I (I got an A-)
    Ana/phy II (C+) I got this grade before I was very serious about doing nursing
    Micro (A)
    biochem (A)
    general chem (A)
    English (B-) recieved this grade freshman year (my don't care stage)
    Speech (B-) (same reason)
    critical thinking (A)
    college algebra (B)

    gpa: 3.347

    I would love to take ana/phy II again, but I can't! the university won't let me. A new policy came out saying that if you recieved a grade of C or above you cannot retake it. I feel stuck. I don't know what to do.

    info about me

    I have a BA in Biology (doing my post-bac for nursing) my cumulative GPA sucks 2.6! I wish I did better, I know without a shadow of a doubt if I was a serious as I am know I would have gotten a 4.0, I just wasn't as motivating back then as I am now..I know I know making excuses, but it is what it is.

    I haven't taken the teas yet (do you think there is still hope)

    I am a pharmacy technician (was a pre-pharm student)

    I volunteer at Loma linda university hospital in the emergency area

    I volunteered at Kaiser for a couple of months in high school in the nursing and pharmacy area.

    I really need advice, someone help me!!! the advisors at my schools aren't helpful, I need some guidance. I really want to be a nurse. I don't care what school (has to be accredited though lol), I just want to be a nurse.

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    I'm nervous as well. I graduated with a BA in biology with a 2.6 gpa, which stinks. Nursing was something I always thought about, now I have this passion to be one. For the past months I have been getting stomach cramps becuase of nerves. My gpa sucks and my prereq for nursing is only a 3.3 becuase of my C+ in ana/phy II and B- in speech and english. I took these classes before I really wanted to become a nurse. The rest of my preqs were A's becuase I got serious. But is not high enough. I am applying to 8 schools. 2 community colleges and 6 universities for next fall. I'm scared, I need some guidance. I am a pharmacy tech (I was pre-pharm), volunteered at loma linda hospital in emergency area, never took my teas test (plan on taking it soon after I study like crazy), volunteered at kaiser in the nursing and pharmacy area for a couple months in high school..any advice anyone (sorry for the long post LOL, it came out of nowhere LOL).