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    You posted this in WA nursing.

    BTW, hubby is from MN. We spent a few days in Duluth. Kinda a cool town. It's very pretty.

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    Go to the WA state board of nursing website. All of the approved ones are there.

    Curious as to which one you were looking at originally?

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    I'm in Washington state.
    I found out by looking at my BON website for something else and happened to stumble upon the link about approved online schools. I decided to see if mine was accepted, thinking it would be, and was shocked to see that my BSN was NOT there, but the MSN was.
    I sent the BON an email and actually talked to them over the phone. The WA state BON grandfathered in all of those that are in the program for 2017 and previous. Those that sign up now, won't be recognized as BSN RN until the BSN program develops a clinical aspect with a preceptor.
    It doesn't surprise me, really. WA state has really strict standards.

    A friend who went through the program in Chicago, has no such standards to meet.

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    Former GCU grad here and I have a question after reading this thread.

    Does GCU now require mentors, or hospital affiliations? Do you have to do hours with a preceptor? I ask this, because my state no longer accepts the GCU BSN, but does accept the MSN because a person has a preceptorship. Until this changes for the BSN, my state will not accept.

    Lastly, has GCU gone non profit again? It sure would be nice to get out under the 'for profit' stigma.

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    it isn't overly friendly. The docs still need to manage the overall dose of insulin. It has asked us to give double digit of aspart with a BG of 90

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    it is a glucose program for anyone who is diabetic. It is supposed to be better than sliding scale. It attaches to our EPIC program. A nurse takes the accucheck the same time they deliver the meal tray. After 30 min, the carbs are counted and the patient given insulin based on what they ate. If the time is longer than an hour from accucheck to insulin, another accucheck is ordered.

    I was hoping someone has used this program.

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    We launched glucomander last week. So far, I'm not a fan. Does it get better?

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    I was told by the boss that I could use my PTO, because that's what it is for. I reminded her that PTO is actually for vacation. NOT to pay bills.

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    Can I ask why hiring newbies is union busting? Curious on your thoughts.

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    Quote from Castiela
    We get floated to different units if we are overstaffed but we are Union so they can't send us home unless we agree. I would also find another position.
    How did you win that in your contract? We have call offs and can't do squat about it.

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    Every department is its own specialty. That wasn't aimed at you, OP, but that comment drives me nuts.

    If you can stick it out for 6 months just to get the background. Even psych pts get sick suddenly.
    After your six months then leave.
    Having 7 pts is crazy. We max at 5.

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    Why wasn't management physically in the department?

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    Quote from NayNaeRN
    STEER clear of the spiritual class. My instructor was TOUGH. lots of philosophical back and forth. Not something I was into at all.

    I wonder if we had the same person. I struggled with that class.

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    Quote from Deadpool619
    Hello everyone!

    1. I was wondering how online RN-BSN GCU graduates are doing after graduation? Is anyone having issues getting their BSN "recognized"? Has anyone had any issues getting into MSN, NP programs? I'm in California btw.

    2. I'm currently taking PHI-413V. Can I/Should I double up on the following classes? (Except for capstone of course).
    AMP-450V Leadership and Vocation
    NRS-440V Trends and Issues in Today's Health Care
    NRS-410V Pathophysiology and Nursing Management

    3. Capstone sounds like a lot of work from what I've read in these forums. My nursing research instructor advised that we keep our entire process on Quan, Qual and benchmark papers to help with capstone. Does it help?

    Any input is greatly appreciated.
    No problem for me, because I'm grandfathered in. However, future GCU grads in WA will have to be IN the program now to be grandfathered in. Any future BSN wanna be's will not be recognized. Why? because the GCU BSN program does not have a practicum. WA has always been on the strict side, but still, it's annoying when I hear how "easy" the WGU program is and their capstone maxed at 5 pages, according to my co-workers. And yet, their degree is accepted.
    On a good note, the GCU MSN IS recognized and if I had money to burn, was younger and had a need for my MSN, I'd probably go that route.

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    I haven't seen less than 2 years either.