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  • Jun 13

    Openminded person:

    Suddenly you are backing away stating that GCU is a crap school and now targeting Chamberlain, however, you then mention all non-profit schools suck. Your post is all over the place and it sounds to me like the kitchen is feeling a tad too hot for your liking, LOL.
    However, I'm glad you don't have to resort to an online school (rolling eyes) even though the ANA and my Nat'l organization endorse GCU. Thank God we live in a country where we can make our own choices and we can advance anywhere we choose and take advantage of what our education offers us.

    Many of us don't need Prof's spoon feeding us information. We are grown adults that can read, write and decipher theory on our own without face-face contact, but again, we don't owe anyone an explanation.

    Anyway, I digress,

    You want to know my point in my previous posts??

    1) You assume we are at GCU because we "have to". Many of excel at our careers, and have impressive resumes. I posted my highlights in a previous thread. I will not belabor it again. Go read for kicks and giggles. Those of us that chose GCU did so for the academic standards that this private Christian school offered. I chose it over a state university, as did many of us. A coworker who chose the other route, travels up to 7 hours one way just to check in at her state university is doing what is best for her yet we both respect the others decision and support each other.

    2) Since you are only a wee student or wee student wannabe, you obviously do not understand nursing in general. Nurses do not wear their degrees on their sleeves or have a blinkie pin that says ADN, or BSN. I have no idea what my coworkers background are, and most likely neither will you. What you will know about your coworkers is how well they respond in a code, or crashing situation, if they help you during a busy shift and if they have your back. So beware of calling any nurse a loser because of their academic choice, because they may be your current manager or future leader . Who knows, a Chamberlain or GCU nurse may save your a$$ one day.
    3) Lastly, change your handle. You are not even a nurse yet you sit and bash schools that you know nothing about. I'm sure there are plenty of BSN nurses around you, calling you a loser because you are choosing the ADN route.
    4) It is sad you are unwilling to educate yourself on schools, nursing and such, before you spout "facts". You may want to change your handle to narrow-minded one, instead because you definitely are narrow-minded.
    4) Just for the record, Chamberlain is 29,890 for their Rn-BSN program (Chamberlain, 2014). It took me probably 30 seconds to obtain that information. Since I back up what I say with facts, here is the link: . I know you will not read it, because you would have to admit you are incorrect and God forbid that would be educating yourself.

    I'm done with this thread because it's boring and it's like arguing with a small child. I have better things to do, such as write an executive summary for another work project. GCU has prepared me well, thank goodness .

    Gotta go feed my donkey. Those daily treks down to the GCU School of Nursing and Health Care professions at the bottom of THE Grand Canyon, make him hungry .

    Have fun dodging Chamberlain nurses. I'm sure you will be hearing from them soon!!

  • Jun 13

    Ok, just for the record, the school is NOT IN THE CANYON! Do you think the students ride donkeys to get to the bottom to attend school? Seriously girl, take a geography class!

  • Jun 13

    No, actually they do not pass everyone. I have known people that have failed. So again, do your homework and drop "THE".
    THE Grand Canyon is a Nat'l park that is one very large canyon, hence GRAND canyon.

    Grand Canyon University is a brick and mortar Christian University in Phoenix. Beautiful campus with a very strong nursing program with grads that are highly sought after.

  • Jun 13

    Well, as a Grand Canyon graduate, I chose this program over my state universities because it was about 10k cheaper and "local" universities are 40 miles away. I also chose GCU, because the school is brick and mortar with dorms, etc.. just like any other university and that was important to me. If I so chose, I could easily fly to AZ, and walk on the campus, visit the bookstore, etc, because it is a real university.
    Recently the GCU basketball team played a local Christian university. I wanted to go support GCU, but had to work.
    Harassment: Nope, not one second did GCU harass me. Once I made initial contact, they emailed back a few days later, but never did they "harass" me.
    And get this: Since I graduated back in the 80's, where GPA wasn't all that important and a "C" sufficed, GCU accepted my borderline GPA, but I was sent a letter from the academics dept stating I was on academic probation for a third of the program and if my GPA dropped, I was going to be kicked to the curb.
    Quality: Hmm, well two other nurses who go to local universities, didn't have half the rigor I had in my program. I was responsible to turn my papers into turnitin, whereas they had no clue what that was. My capstone required 15 research articles and multiple appendices, and research articles through the entire program could be no older than 5 yrs. My capstone was 35 pages; included 2 surveys, a power point (15 slide), executive summary and bulletin. My other coworkers only had to have five references that could be 10 yrs old and only required 1 appendix.

    Instructors/Profs: One helped develop the statlock and Bard picc, and another was heavy into cancer research. Others were very hands on, tough but fair, and had an impressive resume of teaching at brick and mortar universities.

    Sooo, do you have anymore questions, oh judgmental one?

    Oh, yes, forgot to add, my organization also endorses them, and I have already been offered a couple of jobs, that I declined because I like where I am and btw, it's not "THE" Grand Canyon, it's Grand Canyon University (est. 1949). You might want to do your homework before you go bashing.

    Lastly, there are a zillion other threads bashing LPN, RN, ADN, BSN and online versus b/m. We really don't need another one, *yawn*.

  • May 1

    the most is two on average. The ED has to bring them up no later than 10 min before end of shift.

  • Apr 13

    It is possible, but it would require OT to do it. I almost made it to the 100k mark, but I was working 40+ hours a week too.
    If you work an off shift, you get shift differential which will help. Weekend differential at 4.00/hr would help, as would certification pay 1.00/hr and charge 2.00+ typically. Add that to 20 yrs and you could do it.
    Oh, throw in working every holiday under the sun.

    I work 36 hr weeks (12 hr shift), get paid for 18yrs (I was docked for being out a few years)and do a lot of committee work. I average 40-45 hours a week and made roughly 90 k last year. I'm also a FT charge and certified.

  • Apr 7

    Is there any updated information? I have been in heavy contact with them and am looking at taking their RN-BSN program. I work with a GCU grad and she has nothing but positive things to say, but I want more opinions.

    Any pro's and cons? Thankfully the only class I'm missing is stats and that is offered in the actual BSN program. I'm a bit nervous as my algebra skills are way old. If anyone took this class, do you have any advice?

  • Apr 3

    I'm in Washington state.
    I found out by looking at my BON website for something else and happened to stumble upon the link about approved online schools. I decided to see if mine was accepted, thinking it would be, and was shocked to see that my BSN was NOT there, but the MSN was.
    I sent the BON an email and actually talked to them over the phone. The WA state BON grandfathered in all of those that are in the program for 2017 and previous. Those that sign up now, won't be recognized as BSN RN until the BSN program develops a clinical aspect with a preceptor.
    It doesn't surprise me, really. WA state has really strict standards.

    A friend who went through the program in Chicago, has no such standards to meet.

  • Mar 27

    No, actually they do not pass everyone. I have known people that have failed. So again, do your homework and drop "THE".
    THE Grand Canyon is a Nat'l park that is one very large canyon, hence GRAND canyon.

    Grand Canyon University is a brick and mortar Christian University in Phoenix. Beautiful campus with a very strong nursing program with grads that are highly sought after.

  • Mar 27

    Former GCU grad here and I have a question after reading this thread.

    Does GCU now require mentors, or hospital affiliations? Do you have to do hours with a preceptor? I ask this, because my state no longer accepts the GCU BSN, but does accept the MSN because a person has a preceptorship. Until this changes for the BSN, my state will not accept.

    Lastly, has GCU gone non profit again? It sure would be nice to get out under the 'for profit' stigma.

  • Feb 27

    Who answers the phone? A supervisor? Let them decide. How is the facility with call ins? Strict? Easy going? I would weigh those options and decide.

    Hope you feel better soon

  • Feb 25

    I hear you. I once had two CNA's When I was at lunch, they had it out in a back office area screaming at each other. I had to leave my lunch to break up the catfight between the two of them. I know I sounded like my mom, but OMG, they were acting like children!

    I work with huge drama queens. One always has marital problems, one is always tired, one is always sick and two constantly whiiine about wanting to go home early.

  • Feb 21
  • Feb 17

    Quote from pinkpetunia
    Ok, I have put this off for 2 years. Grieving that I did not just jump in.
    I think I want to ride donkey down into the canyon for school. lol.

    If I do go back, should I do a 3 year RN to MSN? or just a BSN?
    Hey pink,

    What is your end goal? That should help you make a decision.

  • Jan 31

    Quote from Flames9_RN
    I really have yet to find my passion in nursing. I only worked for a short while, then had a 2 yr break from nursing, then only recently started back up. Hell, I don't even know once I get back to the USA in 2016 or so, if nursing is something I will continue to persue,lol
    I'm curious then why you are pouring blood, sweat and tears into this program. Well, maybe not tears. But you get my gist.