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    Thanks for your insight very informative. I have heard about clinical RN's being laid off but not of the acute hosptial RN's. I completely agree the pay and benefits are VERY competitive, one of the main reasons why I want to work there.
    I've heard about the lack of education which I'm sad about, but I know that the other hospitals such as HPH and queens offer them if I were to do a PRN position. There are so much positions open at queens and HPH I doubt it will be hard to get into those hospitals.
    The pay is whats drawing me to Kaiser and the double time and a half, kaiser insurance, and the night differentials, and the location.
    I will be attending school part time so I do need the money .
    Kaiser has done some renovations from what I heard and management is getting a little better. I hope they don't lay of nurses though -_-. Pali momi is the highest paid I think d/t them being non-union unfortunately they can drop nurses if they please.
    I really appreciate your input it will help me with my decision!

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    Wow that's the answer I was really looking for, someone who actually works there.
    The PROS. Look awesome Park, pay, health benefits... The Cons doesn't sound too bad except losing hours. Do you suggest I pick up a Prn position somewhere? I will be going to school and working. I think the pay makes up for it...I haven't heard of any other hospital doing the double time and a half. Would you say recently there is available OT shifts? I really appreciate your input, it was hard to find someone who actually works there. I'm leaning more towards Kaiser, but I know Straub has so much available education resources. I'm coming from a hospital where we hardly had aids or unit secretaries.. And definitely no lift teams, and one transporter for the whole hospital haha so I don' t think that would be a problem.

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    Thanks yes queens is considered the most acute and only magnet hospital in the islands. Parking is a small issue.. its the traffic that everyone complains about. It's literally like driving in a parking lot and everyone is trying to find a parking space. Granted queens is a perfect hospital for townies but for people on the west side it can be a hassle waking up 2 hours before your shift and making sure your on the road at least a hour before your shift.
    Thanks for your input and your rationale is a very valid one.

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    Thanks, I'm still holding out. I need more input. Traffic and Parking is a big negative for me with those hospitals...just 6$/day and finding street parking is a hassle.
    I know how it is to be a new grad, its tough but once you get that one year of experience...your pretty much golden, ACLS/PALS helps too, and having tele background is a plus.
    Truly one year isn't enough of experience IMO...i'm still learning everyday...I still feel like a new grad.

    I do see where your coming from. I'm situated in waipahu, so Kaiser is much closer than the other two. I was just thinking that Kaiser is nationwide while queens and straub is local. I worked at the latter two but never really experienced working at Kaiser, that's why I'm hesitant.

    Does anyone work here?

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    Thanks I use to work for queens as well, lots of opportunities. But after 12 hour shifts its tiring to drive after a day or night shift. I'm located on the leeward side and kaiser is close compared to queens punch bowl. It was very hard for me to get into kaiser, and kaiser is nationwide while queens is just in Hawaii. I've heard Cali Kaiser Nurses get paid the most.

    I could transfer to West Oahu but I would have to work atleast 18 months before transferring according to the queens contract.

    Thanks for your input, west oahu would be a perfect choice but I don't have that option unfortunately .

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    I'm very grateful for getting offered a position at the top 3 hospitals in Oahu IMO. My question is which overall would you pick? I live on the Leeward side so commute is important for me.
    Starting pay at straub 41$
    Starting pay at queens 44$
    I don't know the starting for Kaiser yet I'll get back to this post later.

    I'm trying to weight the pro's and cons of each hospital to make a overall better decision. Help me out please.

    Straub- HPH, PROS: very professional, hard interview and pretest really screens their nurses, nurses are treated awesome, 4:1 patient ratio, most cna's are nurses, single patient rooms, top 5% patient satisfaction, lots of CNA help.

    CONS: Location 60min commute with traffic to my location, parking 6$ blaisdel.

    Queens- PROS: Magnet hospital, most resources for nurses in Hawaii, specializes in everything, competitive pay, most opportunities, each nurse has a phone, teaching hospital

    Cons: Same as straub, too much people not very friendly, nurse to take own vitals on some units.

    Kaiser- Highest pay (I heard), double time and a half on holidays, close to Leeward side 15-20min commute, new facility, best benefits (free medical or cheapest medical), gym benefits haha,

    Cons: Poor cna ratios to patients, Nurse does most primary care, kaiser insurance is limited.

    Please let me know your thoughts if you work at any of these facilities. Thanks

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    Kaplan is made to be hard so that when you take the real exam its easy. I'm so happy I took Kaplan. Stick with Kaplan, I don't care if you got a low diagnostic did I. But I stuck through it, and what do you have to lose..they give you your money back OR let you take the course again. I STRONGLY believe in many of my classmates passed with 75 sweat. Believe me...Kaplan's questions are the closest your gonna get to the NCLEX..period. Our valedictorian once told me..."You have to study like how you take the test..that's all I do." And that's what I did. Have faith in the program you went to. Have faith that 2-3 years of hard work studying information..IS STILL IN YOUR BRAIN..because it IS! Stick to ONE material, because your going to overwhelm yourself.

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    my diagnostic was a 56% haha..and I did it before the qbank and question trainers. I HIGHLY suggest you do question trainers between your qbanks to improve your scores. So lets say u do qt3....after that do 150--250 qbank questions..then do the qt4...and so forth. I took notes on all the difficult questions on the Kaplan..type then out..and briefly reviewed them when I was done... When I did a new trainer I did the same..and before I went to sleep I'd review the trainer and the previous notes I took on the qbank.

    Kaplan will work. I wasn't a smart student. Nclex is NOT soley about content I STRONGLY believe..its about answering the questions. If you know how to answer a don't need to know jack about what they are talking about. You'll see when you take Kaplan .

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    I used the Kaplan online course..but get don't even have to go to the online courses or live course..they are recorded and you can watch them on the Kaplan site they give you. Its awesome. My Kaplan was a brown course book (most recent) didn't come with any cd.

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    In the beginning of Kaplan...believe it or not I was scoring 40s-50s...then I slowly got up to higher 50's lower 60's so evidently as long as your hitting that 50-60 marker you should be totally fine. qt 1: 55 qt2: 57 qt3: 49 qt4: 60 qt5 62 qt6: 60 qt7: 63

    Take it you WILL me.

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    oops sorry I think I saw it on another post..I just reposted.. Gotcha

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    So your about to take your exam in 1 week. You can't get any sleep. You wake up have a coffee and study from morning to night. This has been a ritual for you for a month. Question by question. Rationale to rationale. All skims your brain. All for that one day...where you are placed in a cubicle and forced to take the NCLEX, among many who are after that one goal...just to pass.

    I just took it...and honestly...I STRESSED WAY TOO MUCH. I lost so many hours of sleep, time, and precious moments that I won't ever get back. All for what? That one day. So I promised myself after I passed I would write about it and help anyone who was going through the same thing I was. I know how you feel. Any time your stressed you hop on to read about how people experience the NCLEX, or read up on study tips...I did the very same thing...but what I really wanna emphasize is really need to JUST RELAX.

    I passed with 75 in 3 hours (HAHAH I took my time)..Here's what I did
    I took Kaplan. And I'm sorry if you don't have Kaplan..but I think this is the MAIN reason I passed. I didn't review any content after I graduated. NOTHING...never read or even watch the videos on the Kaplan site. ALL I DID WAS QUESTIONS.

    I did the entire Q bank, around 100-150 questions a day for 3-4 weeks. I finished all the trainers. I ONLY did the management and kaplan exams for the focused review section. Main thing is JUST DO THE QUESTIONS AND READ THE RATIONALES. That's it. SIMPLE. I talked to so many people that passed the exam...and that's ALL they did. You don't have to buy Saunders, Lipp., Hursh..or whatever they call it.. All you need is KAPLAN. KAPLAN teaches you in a way to answers questions not necessarily the content. It teaches you critical thinking skills. You don't have to read up and refresh on content...everything is in the rationales..believe me..that simple.

    Oh I also used the study guide which can be found here
    This guide is GOLD...take it to the gym..take it to work...mnemonics SPIDERMAN (droplet precautions) how can you forget that.

    The NCLEX is EXTREMELY similar to KAPLAN. I'm so happy I purchased it. It's a small price to pay to calm your nerves down. EVERYONE who took KAPLAN passed..its pretty much a guarantee. I walked in there scared...came out confident as hell. KAPLAN is it helps to prepare you for the worse. I don't care that I paid 200$ for KAPLAN..I rather pay that then self teach myself to answer questions the right way.

    This is not a hate post to all the other studying methods out there. But I TRULY believe that KAPLAN works. I'm sure people have passed without the Kaplan. But if you really want to pass...and you want it badly...just take Kaplan you won't regret it.

    Good Luck

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    Don't get your CNA. 1 year of nursing school qualifies you to become a CNA at HPH or Queens. You would be wasting money since tuition is 5000$. Learn as much as you can from fundamentals first and then go from there. I'm about to graduate and when I got in they told us the job market would hasn't. Hopefully by the time you get out it will! Good luck!

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    job market is EXTREMELY difficult. I don't want to discourage you but its true. Also, I've heard about nurse managers picking preference with local nurses. Keep trying though, hawaii is a great place to live.

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    Thank you so much for your prompt response. Your advice will surely help me. I have been discouraged with Hawaii being so saturated with new grads. I'm afraid if I apply as a cna to all these hospitals...and I get into a new grad program in the mainland...I will burn bridges with these hospitals and won't be able to work for them when I return .