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  • Jan 26 '10

    The community colleges do typically have a longer waiting list, I didn't know you had to have all your classes finished before applying. I attend Maryville Univeristy's weekend and evening BSN program, it is pricey but I am able to do it with student loans and some grants. I work full time so this works with my schedule. I am applying to the Fall 2010 program and you don't have to have all your pre ques completed but you have to have finished and passed by the start date.

    One of the reasons I chose not to attend the community college was convience of classes, waiting list and it was going to take me 3 years for my ADN and in for an extra year I will have a BSN.

    Like I said it is very exspensive but works with my schedule and I really enjoy the school.

    There are lots of choices just have to do what works best for you. Good Luck