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    i used mosby's illustrated study guide for the nclex-rn. there's absolutely no way to remember every detail so i focused on the pathophysiology of the different diagnoses. if you understand the pathophysiology, then you'll be able to rationalize what symptoms the patient might have and what medications and procedures might be indicated. i did about 100 nclex 4000 questions each night. my scores got progressively better each day. make sure you read the rationales! a week before the exam, i took a vacation. :spin: i felt the stress of studying quickly melt away. needless to say, i was very relaxed going into the exam. i passed with 75 questions. my best what you learned in nursing school but don't over study. do lots of practice questions. take a couple of days before the exam to relax and prepare yourself mentally. read the questions carefully and think about each option. picture the patient in the scenario. most importantly, have a positive attitude! you survived nursing school and you will survive the nclex! best of luck!