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    I registered @ ALLnurses about 6 hours ago and browsed for at least 1 1/2 hours prior. Though my eyeballs are surely soon to bleed I have found more helpful information in this time than in my last 2 years of intermittent searches for info while completing my pre-reqs for nursing school.
    ALLnurses is now "GO-TO" site for all things Nurse related!
    Ive found incredibly helpful information about scholarships, government programs, what to expect from school (semester by semester), how to interact with nurses during clinicals, what to expect my 1rst year on the job, how to loose friends and alienate people, and how the west was won!
    K, 6 more hours then i must get some sleep
    ty so, much staff and members, you have saved me much time and money and untold frustration

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    I am applying for the nursing program at Tarrant County College next month. I know some schools pay for students TNSA fees but I don't know if TCC does. If not how much would the $30-$70 Texas Nursing Students' Association membership benefit a nursing student? The official TNSA website didn't shed much light on the subject for me.
    *btw i just registered for allnurses today and u ppl rock!

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    K, i know this reply is very late but i just now registered @ allnurses. I just finished math 0350. I was so upset that they changed the math requirement :angryfire I had completed all my pre-reqs and was ready to apply. I spent an entire semester on that one silly class and will now have to wait a semester, after i apply again next month, to find out whether or not i got in. Booo! They shall not run me off though, they are only strengthening my resolve!
    I always curl up in a ball and cry like this when my resolve is being strengthened