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    okay i will make this short and sweet (sorry if this has been mentioned before i have to work in the morning and couldn't stay up all night to search for my clear answer):

    i moved to california from iowa and have been here almost a year. the hospital i work for is a cna represented facility (i'm just now doing research on this). i don't really feel that the union is for me and that i will and am not being benefited at this time nor in the future since i will be moving back to iowa next year sometime. so i e-mailed the cna program and they gave me this after a few more questions....

    if you are currently employed at a cna facility and are covered by the collective bargaining agreement then you are, per the contract, obligated to pay amounts to cna for holding that position.

    your obligation to pay amount to cna would be contingent on your place of employment.

    so my i guess my question is i still have to pay even if i don't want to be a part of this? it's my money and no where (that i know of right now) have i signed to give the money i work for to anyone "just because i'm obligated"...
    if anyone can shed some light on this or something that would help. i just don't want to ask other's i work with and spread the word that i'm not paying this union.