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    Maggie, you are super!!!! Yes it is all coming in. I will look through them when I get back from my OB appt. I'm 37 weeks and started dilating.....

    My Ob doc is out of town until July 5th and I really want him to deliver my baby so I'm asking my little girl to hang in there. We'll see.

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    Don't forget me Maggie....... :spin: {MaggieRNPainNurse)

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    Hi Maggie, if you get this message twice I apologize. I think I just lost everything I just typed. I just want you to know I was so happy to recieve your e-mail. Thank you so much for being willing to share all this hard work you did with me. Like I said, if you want to sell them to me I'd be happy to pay you. Send me everything you have if it's not to much trouble. As far as the procedures we will be doing..... they are: Lubar ESI's with and without fluro, Caudals with and without fluro, SI injections with and without Fluro, rhizotomies, facets, cervical ESI's, paravertebrals, discectomies (I think), botox, peripheral nerve blocks...etc. Pretty much everything. There is so much I am learning yet. I have been a GI nurse forever and this is a big change.
    Thank you again for your willingness to share your hard work. Our pain new pain mgmt center will be so grateful.
    And if you are ever in Daytona, please stop by and meet us.

    The email where you can send this all to is :

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    Thank you so much. Your info seems so helpful.

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    Hi, my name is Jackie Adames I work for a new pain management practice but we are lacking policies and procedures? I was wondering if someone as a professional courtesy would be willing to share these with me from your office? I'd be forever grateful.

    My email is in profile.

    Or would you know where I could purchase some?

    the procedures we will be doing are Lumbar, caudal ESI's, rhizotomies, facet blocks, ablations, periperal nerve blocks, etc.....

    This is all so new to me since I've been a Gastroenterology nurse since 2000 right out of nursing school.

    If you e-mail me and would like to speak to me personally I'll give you my contact no.

    thanks again!!!