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    So I have gotten to the hard part! Is there anything I can do to really study for the entrance exam? And did you also do the letter of intent for the admission board?

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    I'm interested in applying for Chamberlain but had a few questions. 1st is books included in tution because it sucks when you have to pay out of pocket for books? And if you do have to pay out of pocket; do people who recieve financial aid recieve a refund once everything is paid up? What happens once you has been accepted to the BSN program and is it better to do your pre-req through them or at stlcc? Also is it hard to get in the evening and weekend class and how many class do you take at one time? And if I applied today what are the chances I might get in for the July 6 courses? With the online pre-req is there a time line in which each class has to be completed or do you work at your own pace?

    Please help I am going crazy!:bowingpur