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    This diet really scares me! Yes, I've tried and seen as well as many of my friends. Questions that I have not seen answered by Dr. Atkins are 1) The possibilty of kidney problems after many years of a greater than normal protein intake 2) What about the vitamins and minerals a person doesn't get on this diet- do you just decide you don't need them? Serious health problems result from not getting them too! Every time that I see Dr. Atkins on a news program, he states that there are no dangerous side effects to his diet. I thought the first rule of nursing was to assume that no treatment was ever 100% without some possibility of danger. I agree with another responder that there may be people that have a greater affinity for carbohydrates that causes them to hold on to their fat. However, the entire population may not fit into this category. I am just afraid that too many people who want to get fast results and not lose weight the way all the current research suggests - low fat, exercise, and water- are risking their health. Does it amaze anyone else out there that people will try something so hard, before they are willing to make some less difficult lifestyle changes that have been proven to work? I hope Dr. Atkins has found the cure for fat, I just need a little more proof before I can take the risk.

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    I am currently involved in a class on transcultural nursing in my bachelor's degree program and must use Boyle's transcultural nursing model as my guide to perform a transcultural assessment on a client. I am having trouble taking the theoretical stuff and simplifying it into question format. Does anyone have experience with this model or any other helpful advice?