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    I think it is strange as well.

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    I am applying to Columbia University for the 2010 direct entry MN program. Does anyone know/have any input regarding this program or school? (Or any other direct entry MN programs, as I have not found many...)


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    Thanks! Good advice!
    I am applying to both BSN and BSN/MSN combined accelerated programs. Ultimately I am going for an MSN in either family or psychiatric nursing. I've noticed there are a few accelerated programs that offer BSN & MSN together but have not found many. I would like to get both done together. So far, Columbia is the only university I've found that accepts out of state applicants for their program.
    Do you happen to know of any other combined BSN/MSN accelerated?
    Thanks again!

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    You are capable! Sometimes we need to try and try again. If it's what you want, don't give up! I think we forget that sometimes we have to try and try and try again. It's actually more normal than we think to not get what we want the first time around.

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    I am applying to accelerated programs and would love any advice or pointers in choosing which schools to apply to. It seems ALL accelerated programs are competitive and there are a lot of different requirements for each program. Applying to several schools at once is a task!
    If you are going through the same thing, or have already been through this, can you offer any advice, please? I greatly appreciate it!