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I am applying to accelerated programs and would love any advice or pointers in choosing which schools to apply to. It seems ALL accelerated programs are competitive and there are a lot of different requirements for each program. Applying to several schools at once is a task!

If you are going through the same thing, or have already been through this, can you offer any advice, please? I greatly appreciate it!

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I didnt really focus on the competitiveness of them. I did my pre-reqs and focused on getting good grades and applied. I had no problem getting in. I do know that they had a couple hundred apply and 26 of us were accepted, but I did not know these numbers until I was already in and the semester started.

I think if you focus on their admittance rates you tend to psych yourself out. Just focus on doing the best you can in your pre-reqs, polish up your resume if need be, and just be confident in yourself.

What types of accelerated programs are you thinking of applying to? BSN or MSN?

Do the schools your are applying to interview? Usually if they call you in, thats a good sign. Then if you nail that, you are golden.

Good luck with everything!


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Thanks! Good advice!

I am applying to both BSN and BSN/MSN combined accelerated programs. Ultimately I am going for an MSN in either family or psychiatric nursing. I've noticed there are a few accelerated programs that offer BSN & MSN together but have not found many. I would like to get both done together. So far, Columbia is the only university I've found that accepts out of state applicants for their program.

Do you happen to know of any other combined BSN/MSN accelerated?

Thanks again!

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I am in NH and UNH has a direct entry MSN program...thats the one I am in.

There are schools in MA that have direct entry BSN programs, Mass General, UMass, Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (both the Worcester MA and Manchester, NH campuses) to name a few.

Specializes in L&D/Maternity nursing.

I had an old coworker who is at Johns Hopkins for their direct entry program so thats another option.

And I think the University of Rochester in NY has one too.

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