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    I work BOP corrections RN and on my days off I work Hospice. I do the Hospice for a little bedside care which you don't do much of at the Prison. Like Orca says...Gone are the days when I had to placate and coddle people regardless of how abusive or discourteous they were because they were "customers". I'm usually happy to get back to jail...where the sane people are. And the pace is slow...If your patients are rude, you can address that. If it didn't get done know where your patient will be tommorrow.

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    I'm coming up on two years with the BOP as an RN. Glynco was a ball for me. And I love my job. Yes, all nurses go to Glynco. I recommend rent a car because there is alot to do in the area and you have time to explore. Or just hang out at the beach. I'm a pilot so I rented a plane at st simons island and flew over the area with a couple other students. Did the gambling boat cruise. They post things to do for students in the cafeteria. Often at greatly reduced prices for Feds. Again, sittin at the beach don't cost much..and your paid to be there. I staid at "The Tage" with a pool downstairs. We often just sat at the pool and studied. Food was great as well. But after a while you will miss home cooking. By the way, I was a correction officer for 25 yrs before becoming a nurse. This job came pretty easy to me. I just recruited my study buddy from college as the new RN. I'm hoping to work doubles with her and be off more.

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    We tried it and administration wanted it done. Please...We have 43 pt's on our medsurg floor/ two modules/ one RN to each module...You do the math..One aide per side but often have to share the aide. Same with one LPN.
    More paperwork on a really busy floor can sometimes mean less patient care. You are constantly reprioritizing and this type of nonsense just makes for more confusion. They can't keep RN's and can't figure out why. People driving to work with 10 yrs experience on the floor drinkin maloxx on the way in to work each day.

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    Way up north, but I would consider going anywhere really...Couldn't find much on New Jersey Corrections nursing. Wonder about Vermont or NH. I'll check PA as well.

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    I dare say that I am qualified to post on this one. Worked quarter century as a NYS CO all over NYS. Now a medsurg RN. I get swore at, disrespected, and down right threatened more now than I ever did as a hack. I think the general population has just as many psych issues as the prison population but with less boundaries. Gates slammin closed behind you while headed to the infirmary...soothing, it keeps the crazies out. Prison work is easy...FIRM, FAIR, AND CONSISTENT. Inmates respect you and know the rules. If they act stupid you can address the issue instead of constantly trying to placate some rude pt who wants their toast at 2000 and doesn't care if you are busy with a code two rooms away. To bad I can't go back seeing that I'm drawing a retirement.

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    OK sports fans..I'm a NYS retired Hack. Worked or open half the prisons in NYS over 25 years service. Now a medsurg RN looking for the state prison shortest of medical staff outside but bordering NYS with items open (OPPORTUNITY FOR OT). Years ago I worked at sing-sing far from my home but terribly short of staff. Small rented room with unlimited overtime.Looking to do the same agian. Love nursing but I kinda like money too. OK:chuckle