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    I applied the first day as well. They hadn't received my application that I sent through email. I sent it from my yahoo address and sometimes it delivers to the spam box. So, I resent it through my hotmail and she responded immediately. I've heard good things about the program. But I've heard that it isn't for the weak hearted or lazy one . Heck, when I applied for my teaching degree things were lost but I'm teaching now. Don't get thrown off by a lost happens any and everywhere.

    My aunt that is a nurse at Arlington Memorial and has been there for 30+ years. She is noticing that every year univerisity admitting is becoming so hard. Waiting list are becoming longer and GPA's are becoming even more competitive. I wouldn't give up on any options, especially if this is something we really want to do.

    -Good Luck!

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    I really can't answer the question "Is it worth it?" But I can say that the cost is very minimal. I actually took my younger sister to Concorde in Arlington, Texas for their LVN program and it was over $20,000. But of course Concorde offers more spaces for class enrollment. NCTC is only taking 12 students for their Spring enrollment. It's really a personal decision.

    I do know that clinicals will be on the weekend at a facility in or near Gainesville. The theory classes will be provided online.

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    I'm not sure about having to take the test again, you might want to contact them. I was sent information that detailed the cost at about $6,000.

    Be sure to check their website for all info!

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    I'm actually scheduled to take it on Friday. But being that I teach and this is our first week back, I'm not sure if I will be able to. I've been studying though. I'm actually going to go ahead and take a 5 week CNA class (saturdays only) and start doing that part time.

    The NCTC program sounds excellent but being that I teach Mon-Fri and live in will be a stretch. Hopefully, there will be more programs that come about if I'm not able to do so. I'm looking at appyling to TWC Nursing Weekend Program, if they offer it again.

    -Let me know how it goes for you....

    I'm sure you did fine!!!!

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    ybstressed: I've been admitted to NCTC (first step) and now I'm just waiting on my LVN app response (so that I can test). But I do have a question about your current online LVN class. What is the general make up of the students in reference to their home locations? Are there any individuals that drive more than an hour for the weekend dates?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm applying to the Jan 2010 Online LVN program. It works great with my work schedule. There are minimal slots available but I'm praying for the best.

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    Will Do.

    Is A&P required before they will admit you? Or can you take it while in the Program?

    -Thanks once again!

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    Thank you so much for the info! I can surely deal with $6,000.

    I'm trying to get enrolled for the A&P at Cedar Valley this summer.

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    ]Hello All!
    ]I too have a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice though. I'm currently a Special Education teacher in Texas. I actually love what I do but I've also wanted to become a nurse. I've actually had to wait until more programs fit my current schedule as a teacher. Becoming a nurse will not only allow me to continue helping people but it will allow me to care for my daughter even more. I'm a single mother and my potential two incomes will help greatly!!!
    ]Some people have asked why not go for your BSN? I understand their question but I also know my reasons. I've found a program that fits my schedule and I can finish within a year. It has been a no-brainer for me. The decision was easy!
    ]-Good Luck to All as we venture into this new profession

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    ]Hello All,

    ]I'm looking for any information in regards to the NCTC LVN nursing program. My questions are as such: Are there any prereqs, shots that I should try and have done now, etc., I'm trying to make sure I give myself a good chance in getting accepted. I'm looking to try and get admitted for the January 2010 class. I'm interested also in any info for the ONLINE program as well (shots, prereqs, process, etc.,)

    ]-Thanks in advance!

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    Does NCTC require any prereq's? I am waiting for the July registration to post on their website. Can you tell me the things that I need to have done BEFORE any consideration? (AP, shots, etc.,?) This is by far my best bet. I'm a teacher full time and I've been searching for a program that will allow me to keep teaching.

    Thank you for any information you can give me!