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  • Jul 24 '09

    Not to scare you but it sucks. The problem seems to be only for new grads. Nurses with experience who left to have families are coming back in this economy because husbands/wives are being laid off. It is much cheaper for hospitals to re-orient these out of work nurses than to train a new grad. So...with experience, no problem. There has been improvement over the last couple of months and I hear it is going to get even better by September. I was lucky to have a job in place before graduation but I know of several students in my class who are still looking. The majority, actually. Would I tell you to forget nursing and find something else? No. I went into nursing because I wanted to be a nurse, not for job security. If you feel the same way, you'll be fine. It just takes a little patience and perseverance. Good luck with school! It's hard but I loved every minute of it!

  • Jul 9 '09

    That stinks! Maybe try Sandi? That is a long time to wait. I can give you my time table. I am applying for summer and the deadline is sometime in August. If I get an interview it will be in November. If I get accepted I will find out in Dec/Jan. According to my advisor. I hope that helps!