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    Hey TX Nurses!

    I read a few pages back about HBU admissions for the Fall, but I wanted to resurrect the thread. I am really excited to have the admissions process over with, because it seems a lot less cut and dry than other schools, with first going through general admission, then nursing.

    I spoke with a general admissions counselor because I was unable to reach anyone in the nursing school, and she said all of the nursing applications were just sent over so they are flooded with paperwork. Has anyone seen an adviser in the CON who has a good handle on the process?

    I was applying to the ADN program. I have a BA already from Baylor, so I met the religion, english, and psyhcology course prereqs and am taking the A&P I in the summer and A&P II, Micro, and Growth & Development in the fall. I thought that the prereqs were part of the ADN program. It seems kind of hazy to me - I'll be taking those classes in the fall regardless if I'm admitted, but I'm confused as to whether or not the prereqs are part of the program or necessary to complete before admissions. I know 99% of other nursing programs require the prereqs, so I thought HBU would be a good fit for me since I needed to take the prereqs and I wanted to start now.

    I hope this is all clear - my questions are about who has gone/is going through the admissions process and how they are fairing, and whether or not the prereqs are part of the program. I'm still trying to get through to a nursing adviser, so I'll get the answer somehow. But I love these forums! It's nice to know there are so many people in the same boat as I am transitioning to nursing school from another field (well, I work in health care, but in administration).

    Thanks for reading!