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    All right, gonna pick some Vick's up and see how it works, thank you for your advice! I appreciate your counsel.

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    Hey everyone,

    Ok this is my first post and hopefully some grizzled/battle-tested old nurse can help out a new comer. Any advice for dealing with some of the less than pleasant odors I will be forced to deal with on the job in my future career? I sometimes use Carmex (used normally for chapped lips) inside my nares to help b/c my nose is dry often and this seems to help control foul odors a little bit. One of my professors said that when she was in nursing school some people used peppermint oil to cover up the stenches they encountered. Any advice? Should I just tough it out and soon I will adapt or are there secret tips that I haven't figured out yet that will help me in my quest to keep my lunch down.

    Thanks in advance.