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    I think one of the packet forms said Parking 2 or 4.

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    Also got my paperwork in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to meeting everybody!

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    Hi, guys! No, I have not received anything yet.

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    Thanks, angelxeternity!

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    angelxeternity, can I ask you if your email contained the name of your interviewer? Mine was just a confirmation for tomorrow and the time. Thank you!

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    I have not received anything yet.

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    I started taking prereqs back in 2008, applied to two schools - one state and one private. My first degree BA GPA was 3.97,
    prereqs 4.00, got into both.

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    Quote from creineck
    For those of you who got interviews, can I ask what your GPA, extracurriculars are?

    My GPA for Bachelor's of Arts 3.97
    Prereqs GPA 4.0
    Volunteering in a hospital - abt a year
    have experience working as a caregiver back in the day


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    Yep, got my email abt a couple of hours ago!

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    3.97 GPA for B.A.
    4.0 GPA for pre-reqs

    CA school accepted me

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    Quote from Bobmo88

    You are correct ! I am finishing my BA in Spanish at CSUN right now and will be starting the BSN program at CSUCI this fall. As much as I love CSUN (and the new student recreation center they just opened), I don't think I would've been able to get into the program because of how competitive it is. After I had applied to ADN programs, I wanted to get my BA so I could start applying to ELM and Accelerated BSN programs just in case things didn't work out. Nice observation

    Haha That is too funny CSUN's info is deep in my heart and blood. Yep, very competitive.
    I am glad you like CSUN, the campus looked like a peaceful big park to me, I really liked it when I saw it. Congrats to you on the program start in the Fall!!!

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    Quote from Bobmo88

    I don't think the B+ and B are going to prevent you from getting into nursing school but some programs are super competitive. For example, the school where I'm finishing my BA (non-nursing but I'm starting a BSN program at a different school in the fall) has an average pre-req GPA of 3.9 for the accelerated BSN program and they only accept 36 students each year. Even though your grades are certainly better than mine, there is a chance that even you might not get into ultra competitive programs like this. Despite this, you have a good cumulative and pre-req GPA and I don't think you'll have trouble getting into a program.

    That really sounds like CSUN, am I wrong?

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    Quote from Mechanized
    Sure thing. Did you get accepted to both? If so congrats!

    Nope, accepted to CSUN only so far. Applied to MSMC Fall 2012, so far as everybody else here I still do not know my status with them. I never thought I would be accepted to CSUN, MSMC was my first choice - the program is great, the campus is breathtaking, clinical rotations take place in very good hospitals. But then I start thinking about $56,000 plus living expenses, and realize I need to set my financial priorities.

    Are you thinking to apply to MSMC next year?

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    Quote from Mechanized
    If I was a california resident. I'd do CSUN cause its cheaper. But Since i'm not either one would be fine
    Thank you, Mechanized! Yeah, I was thinking the same, the difference in cost is significant.