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    thanks for the info sunray. i actually talked to my parents over the weekend and they're giving me their blessing and their support. shoot they've even offered to give me the money for it.

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    hi all! i am in desperate need of some advice. i am a recently new registered medical assistant (graduated may 07`) i am very interested in becoming an LPN then considering RN as well. i get nervous easily and i know if i started to struggle then i would get stressed. i have a wonderful husband of 5 years and no children yet. my husband is a wonderful support system. the other thing is paying for the class and books etc. Where can i go to get financial aid? i live in West Virginia. I am currently working for a gynecological oncologist and i love it. but recently i've found myself kind of lost because i know that becoming a Medical Assistant was the best career choice i could have made for myself but now i want to take it further. when i got accepted into MA school my parents gave me a loan and i payed it back. but MA school where i live is a lil cheaper then LPN school. any advice anyone can give me on talking to my parents and tips on how to get in. or basically any advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated. i know i would not be able to work days so i would be working nights. does working along with taking this program wear a person down? should i tell my husband that i would work weekends while i take the course (granted that i get in)?