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    About 7 years ago when I moved into my new house it was in a development where they were building multiple homes. I worked 12 hour shift midnights and so I would come home and sleep during the day.
    What worked for me was using those soft earplugs, mine were purple and like foam.. And then running a white noise app. on my cell phone that would play like "gentle breeze", "running water", "fan", or whatever you find soothing!! It worked for me! Good luck!

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    Wow I honestly feel inspired, encouraged and so loved after reading your comment. I mean, I appreciate all the advice but something about your comment really hit me!! Thanks! <3

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    Still unable to find employment as an RN. If I would have found a job as soon as this happened my probation would have been worked off my license..... I am becoming less and less hopeful so I decided to read my old posting to get the encouragement to get myself back there on the job market!

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    Oh and I am sorry I forgot to say that I am in Ohio!

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    My probation is for 2 years, my attorney says I can probably get it lifted after one year but the hard part is finding an RN job so that I can work my probation off. My probation is considered on my nursing license as "Active with restrictions". The restriction is that I cannot work in home healthcare. All my future empoyer would have to do is submit a paper every 4 months assessing my job performance. I do not have any narcotic restrictions or anything like that..... Thank you so much for the support, you give me hope!

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    I am not really quite sure why I am writing this. I've wrote on here before right after this happened almost 4 years ago. Here I go...

    I went to a 4 year nursing school right out of high-school. Graduated with honors in 4 years and started working immediately. 2 years after being at my first job I switched jobs to a hospital that was closer to my home (because I was working 12 hour midnight shifts and had an hour drive home). Everything was great, always had positive evaluations, got along great with my coworkers and supervisors and never got into any kind of trouble.

    Everything changed when I became extremely depressed and stressed out due to physical abuse I endured as a child and the current stressors that had popped up at the time (husband with chronic, debilitating illness,,,miscarriage, etc).. I started seeing a psychiatrist and he prescribed me an antidepressant and anti-anxiety medication and I also started seeing a therapist once a week. I thought I was doing the right thing......

    Well one night at work, 5 hours into my shift, my supervisor came and took me out of a patient's room and had a security guard with her. They searched all my possessions and took me down to ER to drug test me. They didn't find anything on me and my drug test came back NEGATIVE. They claimed that coworkers reported to them that I was acting "strangely" and that I had behaved inappropriately in front of a patient. (NO patient complaints ever came up through all of this). Well I was put on a week suspension and had a scheduled date to come back to work.

    In the meantime, they reported this to the Board of Nursing.... When the Board of Nursing called me, I was young, naive and thought I had done nothing wrong so I told them about going the the psychiatrist and seeing a therapist.. Well the BON ordered me to see one of their psychiatrists who diagnosed me with depression (DUH?) and Immature personality. The Board ordered psychiatrist recommeded that I be placed on 2 year probation and have a restriction of not being able to work home health care??

    I then HIRED an Attorney but unfortunately it was too late! The attorney told me that she could have gotten me out of all of this if I had NEVER agreed to talk to the B.O.N and lawyered up immediately.....

    I did something really stupid... I took too many of my anti-anxiety meds because I felt like my world was crashing down around me, how was I going to support my husband when he was ill? How would I pay our mortgage? How would I pay my student loans?
    I was desperate and I should have never done it.

    I spent three days in a psych unit because they considered it a suicide attempt. The B.O.N and employer found out about this and so of course I was immediately fired for being "mentally unstable" and the fact that "I would cause too much rumor and drama if I came back to work"...

    So here I am, almost 4 years later, haven't been able to find an RN job, had a car repossessed, filed bankruptcy and now we are facing foreclosure on our house....... I am working an Aide job for 1/3 of my previous salary and it's just not enough, I work 60 hours a week, no benefits.

    I don't know why I am posting this, I guess I need some advice, I know I have read people on here who have found work while being on probation and I even worked with nurses at the hospital who had diverted drug (I know totally different than what I did but just sayin'.)

    I just want someone to give me hope because I really feel like giving up on my job search. I had so much pride, overcoming the obstacles of my youth and being the first person in my family to graduate college and now I feel like the lowest of the low and that my life has no value. I guess I put all my identity and self-worth into being a Registered Nurse.

    Sometimes I deal with this okay and keep putting applications in and feel hopeful, but today I am feeling really down, could use some advice or someone to talk to, God knows I can't talk to my family (other than my husband).... My own mother told me yesterday how "dissapointed she is in my and that I am the equivalent of a High school drop-out"...
    Sorry for writing a book here but I really need some input or someone to talk to through e-mail or PM to help give me my "fight" back.....

    Thanks so much.

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    Ok, I have posted here before. Long story short, I was very depressed (had miscarriage, husband diagnosed with M.S.) about 3 years ago while I was working on a Med/Surg unit. I worked midnight shifts and was also driving my husband to the hospital everyday for Solumedrol infusions for his M.S. relapse so needless to say I wasn't getting much sleep. I was also just started on an antidepressant and a sleeping pill.
    Well one night I went into work and anonymously I was reported to my supervisor for "behaving strangely" and "smacking a patient on the butt well putting lotion on him"... I didn't have any complaints from any patients, and had never been written up for anything. I was a good employee. I was actually working as charge nurse that night and thought I was doing a good job, just a bit tired.
    Anyways I was drug and alcohol tested after I was pulled off the floor, everything came back negative.
    I was fired from my job with no reason.
    I was reported to the Ohio Board of Nursing and honestly didn't think I did anything wrong so I talked to the investigator from the Board of Nursing and THEN hired an attorney -------BIG MISTAKE.
    Long story short, I was placed on Probation for 2 years, only restriction is that I cannot be a Nurse Manager. My future employer has to give quarterly reviews of my progress.
    Well every interview I have went on the manager has fell in love with me and my experience (Home care, Med/Surg, IV team, Pediatrics) and said they wanted to hire me but had to talk to their attorneys.... Well then I get a call saying that I am too much of a liability and they can't hire me!
    My question is, am I ever going to work as a nurse again?
    Any advice?
    Which places should I try that might give me a chance?
    If you do the hiring at your facility would you give me a chance?
    I am now well adjusted to my medicine, sleeping well, exercising, been in therapy for 3 years and a completely different and better person,,,, except for not being able to find a job, we are losing our home. I feel like this is all my fault...
    Any advice would be much appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

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    I've posted on here before about my situation. I was at work and reported by another nurse as acting "goofy" and they said I open handedly smacked a patients buttocks while putting aloe vesta ointment on it.
    I was drug tested, alcohol tested and psychologically evaluated. Everything came back negative.
    Then in distress, I took too many of my anti-anxiety medications and was admitted to the hospital and my employer found and and fired me and reported me to the B.O.N.
    Now my life is ruined. I am on the verge of foreclosure, my husband is sick of me not contributing income to the family and I feel like a piece of crap.
    Since graduating from college I have always been an overacheiver and have received nothing but positive reviews from my past employers (except this one where I was fired). This is hard for me. I have been on a few interviews and they will not hire me because I am on probation WITHOUT restrictions for 2 years! How am I supposed to work this 2 year probation off when no one will give me a chance?
    It has been over a year. I am sick, I feel like giving up, digging a hole and burying myself in it and losing everything I love. Nursing was my identity, without it, I feel like a failure.
    How long did it take you to find a job while on probation? Should I just give up? How can I convince someone to hire me when I feel soooo LOW about this situation???
    I just need advice because I don't have much "fight" left in me.

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    I am in a situation where I have been unemployed for over 1 year! It is so frustrating. I feel like I wasted my time getting my BSN and student loans! I am not going to lose hope though, I'm still plugging along.
    A little over a year ago, I had a miscarriage and my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I "broke" under the pressure and had to get on anti-depressant medication. Well I took my medication as ordered and went to work as usual. Basically I was taken off of the floor during my shift and was told I was "acting strangely". I was drug tested=negative, alcohol tested= negative. I was still placed on "Probation with restrictions" for 2 years (yes I got an attorney). I was fired from my job and it has been over a year and I have not found another job yet. I have interviewed with managers who acted very understanding about my situation and basically told me I had the job, just to be called back and told they couldn't hire me due to my probation.
    I am frustrated, and I guess my point is, if you find any advice, let me know. Just know there are people in similiar positions as you but you have to keep moving forward! Good luck!

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    So, to make a long story short, last March my nursing license went on "Probation" because a coworker reported to the Board of Nursing that I was acting "strangely" at work. Drug test, urine test negative, but I was still fired. A few days after I was fired, I "overdosed" on Klonopin at home and my husband took me to the hospital (I wasn't trying to Overdose, I was trying to stop a panic attack)... Anyways, I was placed in the psych unit for 2 days observation then released.
    Well the Board of Nursing found out about the psych unit stay, so not only is my "strange behavior" on my consent agreement, it also goes into detail about my "overdose"..Because of this, I have been highly embarassed to go on job interviews, just thinking and telling myself the worst! Asking myself "Who would want to hire a nurse who acts strange at work and then tries to overdose on Klonopin!" But that is NOT who I am. I had to pull myself up and realize I am a great nurse , who went through a really hard time, and I deserve a good job...
    So I started applying and I got an interview this week at a nursing home, I went today for my interview and told them the truth about the probation and consent agreement! They seemed to really like me, and even said they wanted to hire me, they just had to run the fact that my license is on probation with there "corporate attorney"... They told me they really wanted to hire me and as long as he approved of it, I would be hired.
    What do you all think? Is this good news or bad news? ANyone have any stories about being hired while they were under probation? Where are good places to look for jobs? How do I keep my self esteem up during this time, I have finally got the nerve to start applying again!! Any advice is very much appreciated!

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    To make a long story short, 2 years ago the Board started investigating me after some coworkers said I was acting "goofy" at work. I had excellent patient reviews, etc.. I had recently started on 2 antidepressants and worked 12 hour midnight shifts so I do think the medications were causing me to be a bit "foggy" at times but I always got my job done and done correctly....That job decided to fire me, I had a panic attack at home and took too many klonopin to try to calm down, my husband took me to the hospital so now I am labelled as "overdosing on the klonopin and suicide attempt" < which is not true.......
    Skip ahead to this past March, my nursing license was placed on "Probation with restrictions".. The only "restrictions" I have are 1)to not work for a staffing agency 2) to not be a nursing supervisor... I have NO narcotic restrictions or other practice restrictions.. I have no criminal history whatsoever.....
    I'm an R.N. and I am unemployed. No one seems to want to hire me but yet I have worked with people in similiar situations in the past so I know nurses on probation do get hired places, but where?
    My husband works full time but still we are on the verge of bankruptcy right now. I have to find a job. My husband has MS so while his work is regular, if he has a relapse, well then he is off of work too. Does anyone have any advice such as where they were hired after being put on probation, or certain types of facilities that tend to hire nurses on probation?? I appreciate any advice, I feel beaten down, confused, scared and pretty low right about now so any advice would make my day! Thanks.

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    Thank you so much. It is nice to hear that people care and I will take some of your advice into account. Maybe I am stronger than I give myself credit for. Maybe I just need to get out there and interview, I mean , hey, if I blow an interview, I am in the same position that I am in now..... JOBLESS

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    To make a long story short, my nursing license went on "probation" in March re: psychiatric problems (I was going through anxiety and depression and ended up staying 2 days on a psychiatric unit) my job at the time found out about this and then said I had been acting strange at work and one nurse reported that I smacked a "patients bottom open handed while putting on Aloe Vesta" (which I didn't). Anyways I was fired from that job (resigned or be fired) Mind you, no patient complaints, this was a report from a fellow nurse who remains anonymous. I moved on and worked at a job I loved for almost a year when I was contacted by the board of nursing and went through all the "Consent Agreement" procedure (yes I had an attorney) and now I am on probation. I do not really have any restrictions (no med restrictions, I just can't be a Nursing Supervisor). My monitoring agent is very cooperative about approving me to work any job. I was fired from my current job back in April after my consent agreement went into affect, although I was 100% approved by the BON to work there, I was still fired. I am now on my 3rd appeal for unemployment (there saying my nursing license isn't valid so they had a right to fire me). Well I finally got the nerve to apply to other jobs, I have got calls for a few interviews, problem is, I am soooo embarassed and ashamed and do not know how to bring this up when I go on interviews. This has affected my life so greatly. I am on the verge of bankruptcy, My husband has MS and recently had a relapse and so I feel like I cannot talk to him about this for fear I will stress him out and cause another relapse. I actually rescheduled an interview I had because I become physically ill thinking about how I would explain this to the person interviewing me (my license being on probabtion). Basically, how did you get the nerve to go on interviews, I know I need to "man up" or (woman up) and do it, but I am scared I will start crying and don't know how to get my nerve up to go on interviews, I am so scared of rejection and embarassment this is really paralyzing me. I thought about getting a job in another field, I feel so scared to try and get a nursing job. ANy advice is appreciated! Thanks.

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    Well guys, I got called in today and was terminated-- d/t this incident at my previous employer that happened over a year ago. I was fired d/t it is against their policy to have nurses who are under consent agreements. (Although I was approved by the board to continue working their with no restrictions). So yeah, now what am I supposed to do, apply for jobs, say Hi, I was just fired d/t having a mental breakdown (or whatever you want to call it, it did not affect my job) and was reported to the board of nursing and now I am on probation by the Board for 2 years, you want to hire me? Right.. I feel like why would they hire damaged goods. Just thought I'd give everyone an update BTW, does anyone know if their are any blogs or websites for nurses with depression or mental illness, I find a lot about addiction and recovery ( which I guess I am in recovery from depression and ptsd) but didn't know if their were specific ones.