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    Where do I find this? I didn't know where to post my question. Can you pls send the url? Thx, dharmakat

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    Hello to everyone on this forum:

    I am an RN currently in Iowa. I've been in nursing for quite a while-- over 15 years--but I have been out of the nursing work force for about 3 and half yrs. and I am finding it difficult to find employment because of the lack of recent experience. I thought maybe I could find a refresher course somewhere. Anybody know of such a thing?

    Thanks, Dharmakat

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    Dear "Need advice":

    You have a couple of questions in your letter. I think I have something to offer you about the HRT question. You might consider going to a custom compounding pharmacist, or a health practitioner that knows about custom compounding for menopause issues. The pharmacist or practitioner will do a comprehensive history and then prescribe a "Tri-estrogenic" formula that is based on three estrogens that human females actually produce, versus what a mare produces, then asceptically extracted from the mare's urine. This mare urine estrogenic extraction is the standard HRT derivative that is commonly given to women for menopause discomfort, etc. The custom formulated tri-estrogen medication will be based on the actual symptoms that you are having, for example, mood swings, flushing or sleeplessness, etc. You can research this on the net so you are more familiar with the science. I don't know why they don't custom prescribe for menopause, or why they give women estrogens that their bodies do not produce. You can also make sure you are getting enough sleep. If you are working the night shift, and/or working long shifts, your body might be telling you to find a less stressful work schedule. Sometimes, we just really need to take care of ourselves, in order to take care of others.