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  • Mar 23 '09

    Nursing is one of the only professions where other people (family members, patients, physicians, physical therapists, dietitians, vendors, managers, visitors, administrators, etc.) can stroll into your workplace and openly disrespect the nurse while getting away with it. I wouldn't dare to come to someone's place of employment and start mistreating him/her, but many people never think twice about doing it to nurses.

    Disrespect equals crispy burnout.

  • Mar 22 '09

    I have 12 days a year vacation time allowed to me, this includes my sick time, sick child days in fact days off for any reason you can give.
    12 whole days and I only earn these 12 days if I work 36 hours a week every week of the year. So if I am sick or have a day off I dont earn 12 days.
    So can anybody tell me why we get burnt out, we cant be sick unless it is on our days off. we work week in and week out with heavy workloads petrified in case we catch something because then we wont have any hours left. God forbid you get cancelled or you family has a crisis because you wont get paid for being off if you use those 12 days which again you can only have if you have worked 36 hours every week of the year.

    So now tell me why nurses get burnt out, maybe we should rally for better working conditions, which include good quality time off not vacation and sick clumped together.

  • Mar 22 '09

    You are not a precious, unique snowflake who deserves to have its butt kissed. You are an organic rotting meatbag just like the rest of us.

    Okay, you complain that nobody smiles at you and that you want to be treated like a person, yet you treat everyone around you, even the nice smiley ones, like toilet paper?

  • Mar 22 '09

    Re: Things you'd LOVE to be able to tell patients, and get away with it.

    If you lost some weight, then you could see your own penis, and maybe wouldn't need me to hold this urinal for you.

  • Mar 22 '09

    It is true that nursing is not living up to its hype right now. And nobody knows that better than nurses. That's why forums like this one is so important.

  • Mar 21 '09

    Most of my solutions are going to cost someone money;

    I do not wish to take responsibility for toilets that won't flush or burst pipes and other maintenance issues because I work on a weekend. I would rather they employ a maintenance person on a weekend rather than the one person for the whole place that tells me it's "not on the work order sheet". Of course it's not because the problem only arose five minutes ago and as there is no secretary to fill out the work order sheet. Same goes for trying to be a social worker or working for any other department for free. Nobody but nobody in a hospital/health care facility takes responsibility for something that is nursings job.

    Press Gainey and other aspects of "customer service". It's about time that this got knocked on the head. No, a 300lb diabetic patient is not going to be happy when I tell them I don't bring trays of donuts around and nor are they happy that it takes the entire floor staff to roll them over and wipe their butt, meaning that it takes about 10 or 15 minutes to get everyone assembled in their room to do so. There is never going to be a 100% satisfaction with this patient or a lot of others. It also gives rise to a lot of employee abuse. Lets use infection control rates and good patient outcomes to rate hospitals.

    Lets get people with some knowledge of health care running hospitals rather than MBA's and bean counters. This is how the problems in paragraph 2 arise in the first place.

    I saw a post on here recently where the poster was complaining about a nurse with a masters degree who said "I didn't get a masters degree to wipe up s...." Maybe she didn't. However, if you look at the field of nursing and compare with other fields, does someone in an office get continually interrupted with menial stuff. For example, you've hired an accountant and right when they're in the middle of something pop in and say "here, I've got half an hours stapling and photocopying for you to do. What do you mean you didn't get a masters to do this? You think you're too good to photocopy or staple?" Then 45 minutes later have them man the reception desk..............I think you get the idea. So the "fix it" for this is to hire more support staff for nurses. I don't mind wiping up s... either, but I do get irritated when I'm on the phone and some family member thinks it's important that I just cut the phone call off and run like a mad woman to the patients room because Mom needs a soda, the bathroom or kleenex. I know it's very important that her Mom needs those things but I cannot be all things to all people.

  • Mar 21 '09

    Quote from ansspa
    maybe you should have really searched yourself before entering into an occupation where you need to be humble, and have tolerance and compassion for others.
    Perhaps you should take your own advice.

  • Mar 20 '09

    Go AWAY! I just want you to GO AWAY! I work pm's so I don't have to deal with you! When I see you coming down the hall toward me, I just want to run in the opposite direction. You always want something. I'm busy and can barely take the time to listen to you telling me what you want now. Can you not see that I'm busy! Go away and leave me alone. Where did I put that wand of mine?

  • Mar 19 '09

    ok, if pt is actively dying, then i agree w/you.
    i'm referring to those pts who are still alert and pretty much ambulatory.
    there's a lot of work to dying and many folks have loose ends to tidy up.
    so whatever we can give them, to assist them with completing their journey, we do it.
    but when it reaches the stage of pt losing consciousness, then sure, time to let nature take its course.


  • Mar 19 '09

    Actually, at Walmart, if a customer acted like some of our patients do (self-entitled, verbally and physically abusive), the police would be called and the customer would probably be asked to leave or be escorted out of the building in handcuffs.

    We, as nurses, are expected to "take it" because they are "sick". Well, on my floor, the definition of "sick" depends on many things. A lot of our patients are frequent flyers who do not take care of themselves, yet demand special treatment by staff. They come in for IV pain meds, period. We have a lot of drug overdoses and alcohol detoxs. We also have the little old people that the families bring in saying, "They aren't acting right", just so that they will be admitted and we end up babysitting them for a month. We have more and more young people with weird stuff they have picked up somewhere. You can never find them because they are always off the floor smoking (in a non-smoking facility).

    We get a TON of patients with Altered Mental Status as their diagnosis, yet they have a 10-15 year history of Alzheimer's, dementia-type. I have always wondered how the hospital gets paid for a diagnosis like that.

    A huge majority of the public really have no idea what nurses really do. Thanks to television shows and media that represents nurses as "Angels of Mercy" or nitwits, most people just don't get it.

    Nursing is a profession, not a calling from above. We are supposed to practice nursing, but the way the healthcare system is set up, we usually are not able to do that.

    A lot of times, nurses are taken advantage of. We often stay way past our shifts. We cannot call out without being made to feel guilty. There are not enough of us to take care of our patients. We are not really free to complain about being taken advantage of, because then we are not "team players". We are labeled as troublemakers or shown the door. And God forbid, that you try to go on strike, because that is just not how things are done in nursing.

    Within five years time, I hope to be at least part-time in nursing, if not out of it entirely. I am ready for something else. But for now, for me? Patients are patients, NOT customers. No, I will not be hit, cursed or kicked unless you are very confused. I will not tolerate. If I get hurt, and it is not my fault, you can bet that I will do something about it. I will do the very best I can do in twelve hours with the 8 patients I have, but don't ask me to come in on my day off. The three days I spend at the hospital are enough for me, thank you. And, would it really hurt you to actually pay me for all the years of experience I bring to your floor, instead of offering me a measly hourly rate and acting like I should be happy to get that?

    I almost forgot the point of all that. Finish school. Take your boards. Work for a while to see if you will like it. The first year is always the toughest. After that, you may just find your niche! It is not for everybody, but you won't know until you are actually out there doing it. If you don't like it, defer your student loans and go back for something else.

  • Mar 18 '09

    I am so sick and tired of trying to care for grandma while the psychotic family is about to punch me in the face because I refuse to crush long acting didlaudid (are you nuts?) Then, as im being shoved into the wall by grandchild, she says " Im a nurse, and we crush all our pills" Really? And where do you work?????? I barely sleep, I work like a dog, Im not putting up with this @#$%^it! Let security take care of it. Guess what? You just lost your visiting priviledges, get lost so we can take care of grandma, and then.....because your a "nurse" maybe an ALC isnt in the works and you can dive in and crush her Dilaudid!

  • Mar 18 '09

    Quote from Blee O'Myacin
    How many nuns are spit at, called foul names and are expected to take it with a smile?

    So you have something against Nuns

    we will have nun of that in here ehh

  • Mar 17 '09

    Quote from TiredMD
    Bingo. If this wasn't the admitting physician, there was no reason to call that late. It's just completely inappropriate. This isn't a case of a "rude doctor", it's a rude nurse. Would the OP have called a family member that late to ask the same question? And I wonder, if a telemarketer had called the OP that late, if maybe they wouldn't have done a little yelling too?
    Well, I usually agree with your posts, but I'm gonna call you on this one.

    It was a newbie mistake with a rude dude, not a rude nurse. [If she did this continually, yeah, maybe he could be frustrated or whatever, but STILL... two rudes don't make a right.]

    It's just plain childish to have fits like that. You can say anything you want to convey your desire to be let alone, but this yelling/tantrum thing I just don't get, and never will.

  • Mar 12 '09

    Quote from oramar
    I think the world we have is exactly what would expect with so many people so turned off by bedside nursing. A certain percentage of nurses seem to handle bedside nursing but about 60 to 70% of the positions just turn over and over again and again. A drop out rate by newbies that is totally unacceptable and experienced people jumping into non bedside jobs when ever they get the chance. Hospital executives crying to congress to churn out tons of new grads so they chew them up and spit them out also. Yup, the answer to your question about "what happens when no one wants to do bedside nursing" is exactly the situation we got. I realize a small percentage of nurses do seem to manage to keep their heads above water but the drop out rate is really, really bad.
    Just think what we could accomplish if we were all ORGANIZED UNDER A STRONG UNION, and we could freely talk to the press, media, the public, and let them know what is REALLY GOING ON!!

    This IS a public health an Public Policy, issue. We need to get the message out to the public. Their hard earned health care dollars are going to replace the same position in the same hospital every two years. It will never get better until nursing ceases to be a revolving door profession. JMHO and my NY $0.02.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington

  • Mar 12 '09

    Sounds like Judge Ashworth has already rendered a decision. So much for innocent until proven guilty.