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    Quote from MHDNURSE
    I think part of the issue is that people think OTC=Safe/no big deal. They don't think about the fact that kids have drug allergies, maybe the parents already gave something before sending them in, etc. I have one student who has LTA to ibuprofen, another kid who has parents who give NO medications at all and would freak out if we gave him something, etc. I have tried to impress upon the staff that just because something is OTC does not mean we can just freely give it.
    YES!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!! They don't know what they don't know and that is scary. Just had a teacher give neosporin last week. I have been fighting that battle for years with no back up whatsoever so now I just document "ms. the rules don't apply to me applied neosporin to ................"

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    Don't you just love it when a teacher decides that that old pesky medication policy doesn't apply to them??? Especially when that poor baby has a microscopic scratch that needs neosporin immediately so it won't get infected...............

    C'MON NOW!!!

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    Who takes care of the ill / injured students when you are spending all of your days doing lice checks???

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    You were acting as a student advocate. You did your job!

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    Happy School Nurse Day to all of you!

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    Why do kids feel like it is absolutely necessary to change their perfectly intact band-aids, bandages during the school day?????????????

    C'MON NOW!!! What happens (and is bandaged) at home should stay at home.............

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    I was just called to the boys restroom during 1st period for some DRAMATING (drama vomit noises). There were more students in and around that area than were in class. Nobody had passes.

    Really??? I think a middle school kids should basically be on lockdown this time of year. Roaming the hallways only means trouble!!

    21 MORE DAYS!!!! Hurry...................

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    It is one of my biggest pet peeves when students are showing up 10-15 minutes before I am even contractually obligated to be here!!

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    The school clinic is NOT for all day lollygagging around. Rest and return to class or sick enough to go home. END.OF.STORY!

    If you assessed him and he did not meet criteria for exclusion, he belongs in class. At that point, it is a behavior / classroom management issue which you have no control of. You did the right thing walking away. There is no fixing stupid and in the school setting, we can't even sedate it!

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    The 7th grade boys restroom must be looking pretty gross today!!! So many vomiters in there yet they look just fine and dandy, smell pretty good and don't so much as gag the 30-45 minutes they have each been in here with me. Hmmmmmm...........................

    Vomiting, schomiting!! More like spring fever mondayitis. However, I have been sending them all home with the policy about the 24 hour rule. Because, well I am in that kind of mood today. Let the parents be inconvenienced. C'MON NOW!!!

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    Quote from Jedrnurse
    What IS it about SPED classroom staff, anyway?? Of course it's not across the board, but they seem to be more unreasonable on the whole than other teachers. I constantly bumped up against an ECC group that always wanted to send kiddos home for ANY reason that could possibly be construed as health-related, esp. "they're tired." Honestly, I think that lowering their caseload for the day plays a significant role in motivating this trend.
    I hate to say it, but I totally agree with this!!! I have been at my campus 6 years and had a really strong, good SPED team in the beginning. They handles tiny scratches, etc. Over the years - that department has been totally replaced by the opposite. They cannot (MORE LIKE WILL NOT) handle anything. They bring me non-verbal kids and the aides aren't even able to tell me the poor child's name or why they are bringing them in. Then, they leave the non-verbal child's ipad (their only form of communication) in the classroom - like I am supposed to take one look at this kid and magically know who they are and what they need.

    One day, they called me on my radio demanding I come to the cafeteria (a 5 minute walk from my office) to take a kid's temp. I was in the middle of passing noon meds. Their lunch was within 4 minutes of being over AND they have to walk past my clinic to get back to their classroom.

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    30 minutes is too far in a true emergency. They need to suck it up and handle it!!!!

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    This runs rampant at my school! Of course, when you have a staff full of drama kings / queens - the students don't take long to emulate.

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    Quote from OldDude
    I wonder if there has been any studies to see if the flu virus is present in fart gas?
    Seems like we need to get to work on this!!! Now, how do we "collect" the gas so we can test?????????????????????????

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    I have them rinse their face with cool water, saline eye wash, cool compress for eyes, hydration AND wash those hands really good to prevent pollen being rubbed into the eyes.