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    I just tried it again and its working for me....I will type it here without making it a link....and see if that works. It is a Johnson and Johnson website. It is (www)discovernursing(dot)com it is all one word on the discovernursing part....does this make sense??? I think I am way computer illiterate and so its hard for me to explain it, but I hope it helps a little. There were several scholarships on there about a month ago for just CRNA and then there is a ton of scholarships just for doesnt designate that it has to be for the RN so you can use it for your MSN....let me know


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    I dont know if it helps any, but there are tons of scholarships out there for CRNAs only. Try, they had a few, you can also find them in the library in books on grants and scholarships. There are tons of private companies loving to give away money as a tax write-off. That is how I paid for school...through a little extra work and effort you should be able to go without taking out loans unless you want to for extra money. Let me know how it goes.