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  • Sep 27 '16

    We use Power School...nothing powerful about it

  • Sep 27 '16

    Quote from kidzcare
    We have eschool
    We use eschool, too. I like the fact that it's integrated with the main school demographic information, but it feels frumpy and hard to use sometimes.

  • Sep 27 '16

    Awaiting arrival of SNAP. I use EPIC at the hospital and it looks almost identical. We have Engrade for the school and they don't have a health module.

  • Mar 27 '10

    [font=franklin gothic medium]i am completely perplexed when i see how "experienced nurses" are responding to nursing students in these forums. the arrogance and pride is offensive and the sarcastic tones are belittling. nurses who are already in the field and have been in the field for some time need to remember that we were once students! in addition, we are getting older and will not always be a nurse. f.y.i. these nursing students are the ones who are going to be taking our positions when we are no longer physically able to work as an r.n. when nursing students come to us for help/advice they should feel welcomed and encouraged! afterall, they may very well be the r.n. who cares for us if we should happen to get sick or injured. nursing students: keep up the good work, learn all you can, and stay humble at all times...even after you get your licensure and gain experience.

    my best advice to finding out salary wages is to ask the human resource department or personnel at your clinical rotation sites, at the hospitals in your area, or the hospital you desire to work at. you can email them or call. tell them that you are a nursing student, what level you are at, and what type of salary range do they normally provide for new grad students and specify the area you would like to work in. this will give you a more accurate response. do not ask other nurses...go to the appropriate department heads at your local hospitals.

  • May 12 '09

    hey guys,
    for those who are planning to take the teas test for the ct lpn program i found this great website. i thought i should post this link where anyone can practice various sections of the teas test. it's an unofficial site but i think it was really great. it is 100% free. hope it helps or is at least useful in anyway.

  • May 1 '09

    I officially declined my seat at BHSN. I'm sure some others will do the same for whatever reason. So I'm sure they will start pulling from the waitlist soon. Also those accepted to the CT CC programs had until today to respond, so they may start pulling from the waitlist soon.
    Good luck guys, its not over just yet.

  • Apr 13 '09

    Quote from mattfd37
    well congrats to you all I got wait listed per NVCC. Does anyone know if the waitlist is for that school alone or for the whole CT-CCS? I find it hard to believe there are 694 people on the waitlist for all the schools. I'm hopeing you all found out because you ranked in the top 60% of your first choice which means I have hope for my 2nd and 3rd choices. Congrats again I'll guess I'll start applying to LPN or Paramedic school instead ;(
    I believe the waitlist is for all the schools. So It moves faster than you think. So if someone declines in NVCC declines, then the next person on the waitlist is up no matter what schools they picked. So you can get called for Three Rivers even if you didn't list that school as a choice.

    Also, I don't know you situation but there are plenty of programs that border CT. There is ocean county college that is in New Jersey, but you only go once a week, they have spring admissions, there is Cohran in NY that has both evening and Saturday programs, they are still accepting applications for the fall, and they have spring admissions. There is Becker College, which (as I understand) has a huge nursing staff, in MA. They accept in the spring. There are also plenty of BSN programs (southern, quinnipiac, st. josephs, ect) where maybe you can apply as a transfer student. If you have a BA already plenty of schools have accelerated BSN programs.
    Those are just some things I was considering if I didn't get in. The state LPN schools are accepting for the spring 2010 I believe also.

    Good Luck.

  • Apr 7 '09

    I asked Gateway admissions, and was told that the only people who received letters were those who didn't meet the eligibility requirements for the nursing program. The rest of the applicants will be ranked, and they should be notified before May 1.

  • Jan 25 '09

    I've been in admmissions (grad and undergrad) for over 20 years. A former employer used to use photos in freshmen applications. There were 3 reasons for this:
    1. Identify gender (we had many international applicants)
    2. Identify ethnicity
    3. Remind the admissions counselor if they had met the applicant in person before (sort of to jog the memory).

    My present school does not use photos at all. We want the admissions committee to focus on the portfolio (application, recommendations, transcripts, etc) only.