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    Quote from BostonFNP
    There are other ways to address the supply problem, mainly making the standards for entry into the NP role considerably higher. The main problem is with nursing as a whole wanting to "give everyone a chance" regardless of whether or not the individual really has what it takes to do the job best.
    I would add, also, increasing the standards for the schools. A weak, sorry program that has higher admission standards is still a weak, sorry program. It's not just who's getting into the programs, it's the caliber of the programs as well. We (nursing, students, the country) would be better served by a smaller number of robust, respectable programs, instead of all the cheesy, diploma mill schools offering advanced practice degrees.

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    Quote from Daisy4RN
    He was talking about MS-13, not Hispanics in general. And Obama and Clintons (both) stated previously that we should not allow illegal immigration, mostly because of the job loss to Americans and/or legal immigrants, and the financial strain it puts on our systems (ie taxpayers, medical system, schools, infrastructure etc)
    Contrary to what Trump and many of his supporters claim, nobody, including the Democrats, is in favor of immigrants coming to the country illegally. However, no other presidents have used the kind of dehumanizing language about them that Trump and his white-supremacists administration cronies are using. And his supporters like to claim that his references to "animals" is referring exclusively to MS-!3 members, but that's arguable and a v. convenient interpretation of what he's saying. It doesn't sound that way to many of the rest of us.

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    Quote from ajr2015
    Please keep me posted how this works out for you! I'm facing the exact same situation right now! Living and graduating from Ohio, but have a job offer in PA. If you find any great contacts that can give you definitive answers, please share. Good luck in your first year!
    Did you notice this was a thread from 2010? The OP hasn't been active here since 2011.

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    Quote from Beldar_the_Cenobite
    I don't think a patient, or a large majority of patients I'll see, will have any knowledge of medical terms I've never seen before.
    No, but it's helpful to be able to talk to colleagues without sounding like a doofus ...

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    Quote from AnnieNP
    Oh wow, how did I miss this? You just cannot make this craziness up.
    Yes, it's a lot of effort just to keep up!

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    Quote from TriciaJ
    He has been called racist, Hitler and white supremacist for using the same language used by Obama, the Clintons, et al. People seem to have short memories.
    Please show me evidence that Obama, either Clinton, or any other US president ever referred to illegal immigrants as "animals," an "infestation," or any similarly dehumanizing terms. That language is much more reminiscent of the Third Reich, or the government in Rwanda referring to people as "cockroaches" before the genocide started there, than any prior US president.

    Trump Uses Language of Exterminators About Immigrants

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    Quote from Horseshoe
    In fairness, true, and in all fairness, no way the same as summer camps.
    I went to a few summer camps when I was a kid. I remember it well, 22 hours a day in a locked chain link kennel ... Good times! Happy memories!

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    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    Most of the children were placed with family members in the US. The ones that couldn't be placed were sent to the camps. What is the alternative, put them in the holding areas with their parents or set anybody free if they are arrested with a child?
    I can't even read the phrase "sent to the camps" without shuddering. Who on earth finds this acceptable government behavior in the US???

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    Plenty of us started school, and finished school, with no other healthcare experience. It's possible that another new grad who does have other experience might be preferred for a job, but it certainly isn't a career-killer. Healthcare employers are v. used to hiring new grads with no experience other than nursing school. And even the new grads with tech experience will struggle with the transition from nursing student to working nurse. That is hard for everyone, regardless of background. Best wishes!

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    Quote from Guy in Babyland
    That is not the case. People showing up at the border with children and are seeking Asylum are kept together because the parents have not committed any crime. The parents that slip across the Rio Grande with their children (entering the country illegally) are the issue.
    It has been widely reported by numerous sources that many of these families are people who are seeking asylum. They present at the official ports of entry, attempting to request asylum, and get told by the border guards that the port is full, there's no room, they should try another day. So they were sleeping in the streets on the Mexico side and repeatedly getting turned away from the port of entry, so they would eventually give up and cross the border at another point and turn themselves in. They were trying to do it the right way and being repeatedly told they couldn't be accommodated. I can't fault them for getting desperate and trying another route.

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    OP, what's the big rush, and what's your objection to meeting the admission standards and criteria that everyone else has to meet to get into nursing programs? Are you an MD (and if not, please note that the site's TOS, which you agreed to when you joined, specify that members are not to use any credentials they do not actually hold)?

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    Quote from imagine7generations
    Both sources are books that have numerous documented credible sources. All I can say is that I highly recommend reading them both.
    Yeah, Humphries is a great source:

    Suzanne Humphries - RationalWiki

    Dr. Suzanne Humphries and the International Medical Council on Vaccination: Antivaccine to the core – Respectful Insolence

    Why Dr Suzanne Humphries, an anti-vaccine activist, is lying to you about measles

    Encyclopedia of American Loons: #783: Suzanne Humphries

    Suzanne Humphries on Vaccine Safety – VAXOPEDIA

    I couldn't find much about Roberts other than this, but I won't be making any effort to read her book:

    A Gender Variance Who's Who: Janine Roberts (1942 - 216) journalist.

    I'm sure they both cite a bunch of "credible" sources, but I'm not going to be wasting my time on any anti-vaccine hoohah.

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    Quote from Lil Nel
    Will the Trumpsters notice that he lied?

    Oh, they notice -- they just don't care. They admire him for being able to get away with it.

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    There's no reason you can't submit the same CEs for both states.