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    I'm hoping to get into Unitek's LVN program (hopefully the LVN to RN) & found out TODAY that I have to take the CPAt exam this Sat. (ie about 33 hours!) The only real concern I have is the math part...Math class was a looong time ago & I'm worried about what to expect. I've been looking online &found some study helps but some seem very in-depth & some less so, plus I bought a study book (Math for Nurses), but if it gets too complicated I'm in trouble! I can do math under classroom circumstances, not worried about that aspect of it, but if the CPAt gets into algebra etc. yikes! Anybody take the test who can advise me what to be cramming for?

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    Well, as someone else once said in reference to essentially the same question,(ie If I go back to school I'd be 60 when I graduate) Answer: How old will you be if you DON'T go?! Age is relative. It's about confidence. If you can do LVN/LPN you can do RN. I'm in the same position, only this is a totally new career path for me. Somewhat daunting, but I like challenges. RN pays better than LVN & offers more opportunities. If you want it, go for it! I guess it comes down to whether you'd look back & regret it if you DIDN'T go. Maybe there should be a special board or whatever here for us 40+ers! Our own cheerleading group!