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    Quote from Jedrnurse
    Not just schools. Employers have a vested interest in fostering the over-supply as well.

    "Don't like your job? Buh-bye. There are a few dozen unemployed nurses and/or new grads looking to fill it."
    I understand this model at the same time I dont. The rate at which they hire people in is higher than if you kept the same employee for 10 years and gave them "raises' each year. So why not keep the long term person, pay them less and profit more that way.

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    Local news here just stated how there is a shortage of nurses in Colorado and its going to go up and "what the government is doing to help". I have an idea, the hospitals could pay a livable wage for the city they work in. Food for thought.

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    Quote from martymoose
    I dunno. I've seen some perfuse ok with a hr of 29-40, hypertensive, but some not tolerate 160 at all. No time for the ventricles to fill.tend to get hypotensive
    Thats why it comes with a big asterisk. It doesn't apply to all situations.

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    If Im using my personal cell phone then they better be paying for that bill. If not, and for many other reasons, then hell no

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    Ha, we dont want it used in botched executions but we have no issue hooking people on drugs for a much longer painful death.

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    I always say too fast is better than not enough but that comes with a big asterisk.

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    Its worth it if it is to you. Thats hard to determine. While Im not in the program I do help precept EDGE nurses, think StaRN for the ED. They have all said it is really nice just because it helps bridge that gap from school to actual world, but they of course do not like the classroom time ha.

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    Your type of nurses are the scariest of the bunch. Think you dont make mistakes ( you do ) think everyone is jealous of you ( they aren't ) and that good nurses are born not made ( ******* please ). You are the literal stereotype of the worst type of person to work with.

    Look people make mistakes, and thats good, it is a great way to learn. You think I didn't learn anything when I accidentally overdosed my kid during an RSI, you bet your ass I did. It takes a better person to admit those mistakes then to brush them off and say you dont make them.

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    Depends on if I am flipping between nights and days. Sometimes 2-3 sometimes 11. Yes my body hates me for it.

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    "But im allergic to capsaicin, haldol....etc etc" These patients really bug me some days.

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    When I have to float to our freestanding EDs we are allowed to sleep, just have to clock out.

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    Pain meds for anxiety.......right......

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    I dont consider 1% every year a raise. Yet they preach it like they are some benevolent king spreading his gold unto the masses.

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    CABG. I was able to see one as a student, standing on a stool over the pts head looking in to the chest the entire time while the CT surgeon explained what was going on. My legs/back/neck were killing me after those 5 hours but it sparked my love for all things cardiac.

    Or if you are super lucky you could get trauma surgery. Old hospital I worked at would take their sickest trauma cases straight from the field to a special surgery suite. I had students with me who would see traumatic leg amputations/partial that we would finish, emergent splenectomy, open abdomens, cracked chests, etc etc. Just go with an open mind and dont be afraid to ask what the nurses think would be cool for you to see.

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    Nope not too late at all. Thank you for that reinforcement though. Everyone I talk to says Waco and Temple/Belton are good, killeen is just a no go.