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    Quote from exstudent
    My point is that these very sick, egomaniacal instructors need to leave the teaching profession or change their acts before we lose more perfectly capable nurses and nursing students. It is NEVER okay to abuse someone else, be it a nurse, instructor, etc. HAVE THEY HEARD THERE IS A SHORTAGE OUT THERE?????????????????

    Hopefully, justice will prevail.
    Agreed. These degenerates are wasting everybody's time. Instead of training nursing students to be good nurses, they are turning students off to the profession, wasting nursing school and hospital clinical spots, and importantly, they are needlessly depriving the profession and the public of future nurses.

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    Quote from angel67
    I was wondering how older students are treated by nursing instructors the same way. Being mature and experienced in the medical profession as well as life I won't take kindly to being mistreated. I think respect given deserves respect in return maybe I need to warm my lips up for kissing. Being adults people should take a mature stand for what is right in short the one in need of medical care.
    I've seen it happen to students of all ages. They are unprofessional, through and through.

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    If you contact the Ca BRN, all they can tell you is it's not an accredited program. Sounds like a huge gamble.

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    Quote from wintergurl060
    I think she may have ruined it for futher nursing students to practice at that hospital especially from that school.....Administration has a way of remembering all the "trouble makers" schools that comes into their hospitals.

    In my area, nursing students were allowed to practice in this particular hospital, and majority of them wanted to go to the burn unit, it took 1 student to complain about the smell, made statements "it's boring, blah, blah" got back to administration, and because of this all nursing students are banned from that area of the hospital....tsk, tsk, what a shame..
    That's what I thought when I first heard of the story, and my reaction was to let the hospital know. But that hospital is a university hospital, the same university that sends it's nursing students there.

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    Agree with everyone so far. This is disappointing.

    Justice may still prevail by other means, however. For one, she still has to get past the board of nursing. For another, if she somehow manages to get a LOR from her nursing program (requirement for new grad nurses in some hospitals), it would be tainted at best.

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    so much misuse of the word antisocial in here. conmen, murderers, and nursing instructors, especially clincial instructors, are antisocial. the behavior described in this thread is not.

    but anyway, how could you stand being a nurse if you don't like working with people or have poor social skills or whatever? my guess is it would be torture for you.

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    -that the horror stories about terrible instructors and instruction are true.

    "Surely they are exaggerations," I thought.

    Nope, they are not.

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    i was fine without one. however i would have used one, but decided against it after one of my clinical instructors threatened to kick one of the students out of the program for bringing one to clinical. clinical instructors...ugh. :icon_roll

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    you guys joke around about harming other people...and think it's funny?

    anyone ever do this with patients?

    "i'm going to disconnect your IV..harharharharhar. hey, it's a joke why arent you laughing?"

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    are violent nursing students a louisville thing? first nina yoder, now this guy?

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    Of course that is unprofessional. unprofessional clinical instructor? Shocking.

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    Quote from keds1982
    Hey everyone! I can certainly empathize with having a horrible clinical instructer. Right now I am in clinical hell with the devil for an instructer!!! Shes passive-agressive, condescending, she talks to me like Im stupid, she is NEVER clear on what she expects, and the make you feel like an idiot when you don't give her what she wants (and you don't ever really know what that is until after the fact) We are totally unfamilar with the paperwork on the unit, and to top it all off she hovers! I trully think I might hate this woman. She is ruining my semester. I cryed yesterday and today, she is completely unconcerned and ignors me. I have never even disliked a clinical instructor before.
    Hmmm...this describes two clinical instructors I've had to a "T."

    Until nursing school, I was never aware of just how totally worthless a person could be at "teaching" (I use that term loosely). I guess I know now. lol.

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    with an unprofessional attitude like that, that nurse will one day be a clinical instructor. guaranteed 100%.

    also i agree with the female-dominated profession comment. lol.

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    Quote from cursedandblessed
    perhaps nursing schools should run background checks on their instructors. just happened to be cruising through our board of nursing website (as recommended by our nursing department to know more about our nurse practice act), and low and behold i found something that explains a whole lot. what you said about mental instability makes good sense.
    what did you find?

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    Quote from dwilhelm
    So, I put it to everyone, does having a CNA really prepare a nursing student for what comes next? Or, does it do more harm than good?
    I don't see how it could be harmful.

    Benefits? Definitely overrated. Only real benefit would be if you wanted a CNA job or finding out that taking care of people isn't for you.

    Making beds, wiping butts, washing someone with a washcloth, etc. are things that most people either already know, could figure out if left to improvise, or easily learn with like 0% effort. Besides, you lean these CNA things in the first few weeks of nursing school.

    On second thought, I had classmates who actually struggled with these things. So who knows.