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    Thank you all soooo much for responding! Sorry for the delay! For some reason I did not receive emails from allnurses that there were replies!

    Class has begun, as you all know I still have not heard from an advisor. I did get a VM from the success student center though. I have not called them back.

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    Quote from bushrn75
    So I totally bombed the self test!!! I'm not sure how but I did. When people took the test over-was it the same questions? I can't have a fail already....
    The questions were exactly the same for me. The 2nd time I took it I had multiple internet windows open to find the info quickly. A few of the windows I had open- nursing student handbook, dar, RN to BSN knowledge center, and civility form.

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    Has anyone started on assignment 3? If so, did you put a header?

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    There is also a civility form we need to sign and send in.

    I also missed this question. I found the civility form on the RN to BSN Knowledge Center under "forms and resources"

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    Quote from Beautifulyou
    Cincinursemary, is it normal to feel totally overwhelmed on the first day? I feel like I have been dropped in the middle of a foreign country.
    @beautifulyou, I am also overwhelmed. I am hoping that I will look back on this week and laugh at how simple the info is. But I am not feeling that way right now!

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    Quote from jodlove
    When is everyone planning on taking the self test? I'm a little confused because I thought I read that the lowest score would be dropped but then I read somewhere else that the two scores are averaged?
    I have taken the self test and got 12 out of 15 (80%). I am confused on taking it a second time as well. I also saw the conflicting grading info.


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    Quote from SeminoleRN
    Anyone looked at Assignments 1, 2, & 3 for this week?
    I have looked at Assignment 1 and am freaking out. I didn't think I had a problem with English but these sentences are making me question that thought!

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    I am pretty frustrated with the RN to BSN online program and I have not even started! I was accepted to start Feb 2012 and postponed it until Fall 2012. After multiple emails to find out if I am accepted for Fall 2012 I finally heard back I am and that I will be able to add classes in a week or two. That was last week. Tonight I added NRSE 4510.

    I find the whole system not user friendly. Will someone (from the university) be contacting me prior to classes to help me figure out how I find out assignments and such?

    Can any of you offer your knowledge? I have gone through the provided info (video's and such).

    Thank you!

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    Hi, I am curious if you started with UOP? I am in San Diego and looking into going to UOP. Please share. Thanks!

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    It gets easier...hang in there!

    And #6 is not a should always assess your patient and see for yourself what they are capable of. There have been many times I have received report on a patient that can not do xyz and when I ask them to do it, they can do xyz. Also some movement/dexterity can come back.

    It is alright to laugh at yourself as long as noone gets hurt and you catch the error before passing it on to the patient. I am hoping that when you made some of the "best" mistakes you reevaluated where you went wrong and have learned from them.

    Best wishes!

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    Hi...I, too, am interested in this program. Does anyone know how many clinical hours are required? And can someone explain the cost to me? I have reviewed and see $250 per unit. If a class is 3 units does that mean it would be $750? Thank you for your reply!

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    I am 35 and have been a RN since 2008.

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    There is nothing wrong with that! I got into nursing for job security and the $$ didn't hurt. One thing that I have learned along the way is that security and money will not keep you going on the nursing path. You have to want to help people and realize that only about 20-25% of the patients WANT your help (that has been my experience, anyhow). Another consideration is that the money you expect to get will not make up for the stress and frustration you will endure trying to take care of patients that expect you to "make" them better after years of them abusing their bodies!

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    Hi Edina,

    Wow...8 patients, that is crazy! It can't be safe! California state laws protect nurses.

    I really enjoy working for Sharp Grossmont. There are lots of hospitals in San Diego, so you have many to look in to.

    Mission Valley is a good starting place to live to become familiar with SD. I live in Allied Gardens and am 15 minutes to La Jolla Beach, 15 minutes from downtown, and 15 minutes to work. It works out great for me

    Best wishes on your move! Keep us updated