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    Im an ICU Nurse interested in attending California State University at Fullerton. Do you know of any hospitals close by that offer %100 tuition reimbursement to the university. I currently reside in another state.

    Thank You

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    ok, thank you guys. mostly ladies

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    Are there union hospitals in the chapel hill/durham area?

    Thank you, Im from Illinois and looking to relocate.

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    Hi Californians,

    Are your ICU's one-to-one on a continual basis? Does your union have that rule in place, Thank You....Im from Illinois and looking to relocate.

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    Can you list any hospitals in Illinois that you know of where the ICU is one to one.

    Thank You

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    Quote from canoehead
    Responses so far seem less than sympathetic.

    I agree you should have more training and and a preceptor by your side helping, not just you doing and her pointing out your errors. Sure this is common practice, but that doesn't make it right, and certainly doesn't mean you should put up with it. I agree that you should get an immediate response to your concerns, and/or find somewhere else to work where you get some training before you are thrown in. No "buts" or "maybes" go where you feel supported and safe, and let those that are OK with this type of orientation take this job. You may have gathered that I am not one of those people.
    Thank You!

    I think maybe a major University hospital may be the answer.

    I was telling my family the same kinda thing you just said - I said "what I think they have there is a bunch of Nurses that are willing to just put up with it". Plus these are seasoned Nurses that know how to hit the angles right so the day is fine.

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    Quote from RNperdiem
    It is not clear why you threatened to quit. Did you have a bad experience with nobody to back you up?
    I go into work and work nonstop one thing after another, fast too. I only get one 25 minute break during the 12 hour shift, which I dont even think is legal but I will leave that for now.

    I dont mind, and in fact fully enjoy the hard work because it is my passion. But the one line I wasnt going to allow to be crossed was when my preceptor told me I wasnt far enough in my training and that I was missing important things.

    The patient ratio is always 2 to one and sometimes three to one, (in an ICU !) you're so busy trying to stay ontop, some things get missed. How about the 2000 things I did that day that went perfect, but nooooooo. This is why that ratio is so dangerous.

    There is NO training/teaching. I cant make this any more clear.

    If someone works nonstop for you for the whole 12 hour shift, there is nothing more they can give you.

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    Quote from pagandeva2000
    The fact is that most nurses are really just thrown out there to the wolves in shorter spans of time.
    This is the best way to :

    1.waste the hospitals money recruiting because that unhappy newgrad is going to look for a new job elsewhere, like me today on my day off.

    2. Endanger their license.

    3.Make your department look bad within the hospital because of high turnover. I mentioned already the 3 open slots no one is applying for.

    I can probably list more but Im enroute to Starbucks to update my resume.

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    Yes, in reality, Ive gotten a 2 week oriantation. We have three open positions on days that no one is applying for, the ratio is always 2 patients and sometimes three, which I think is dangerous.

    My boss has assigned me to a new preceptor because I broke down and quit, she convinced me to come back and train with a different preceptor. To be honest, Im looking for a new job tommarow, I now have ACLS and three months under my belt, so Im not experianced but maybe someone will take me in?

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    I am in my 9th week of being a new grad working in the ICU. I was being taught for the first 2 weeks but then they put me out there working and helping me if I have a questions, now Im not being taught at all and my preceptor is telling me Im not catching on fast enough.

    Shouldnt my 12 week oriantation be me working next to her learning?

    There is none of this, its me working and then she reviews my work and critisizes me that Im missing things.

    Im very discouraged.

    P.S. my ICU oriantation is only 3 months while most ICU oriantation 6 months, doesnt this sound fishy to you?