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    I am presenting to my ACNP class next week on employment opportunities (CV's salary negotiation...etc we graduate in May) I was wondering if anyone has advice, or good resources that I could include in my presentation. Most of us that are graduating are staying in the Boston region. Thanks for any advice! Moe

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    How are you liking the new job? I am currently in my last year in an Acute Care NP program, and starting to consider my options. I work in a community hospital in the ED outside of Boston (I have been nursing 9 years) I have a potential job when I graduate at the ED I work in with a salary of approx $110K, the downside is that there is not a well established orientation from what I can tell having seen a coworker get hired as an NP. My ACNP program has been a waste of time and money so far, (I won't mention the name) so I feel like a good orientation will be critical for me. With this being said I am wondering if I will end up taking a lesser paying position to obtain a better orientation. Okay, ill quite now, just wanted to give my 2 cents,

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    For all those ACNP's out there, I am about to start my first clinical rotations and was wondering if any one has any suggestions as to where I should go? I eventually want to end up in the ER where I have spent most of my nursing career. I was thinking a hospitalist preceptor might be beneficial, although I can't see myself doing this as an NP. I am also interested in interventional cardiology, has anyone ended up going into this area? Thanks for the advice, Moe.

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    Take full advantage of your orientation. Ask lots of questions. Force yourself into situations that you are aprehensive about as this will instill confidence in your ability. Ask lots of questions! Good luck, you'll love it I'm sure. Moe

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    christv...not sure how to post a message to you personally so will just post this way. I was wondering where you got your ACNP degree? I am starting Northeastern University in Jan and plan on going part-time. I currently work in the ER (6 years and 1.5 on cardic floor) I am unsure if I really want to do Emergency medicine as a NP. I enjoy cardiac patients and contemplate trying to get a job in a cath lab or EP lab. Do you have any classmates that have gone into either of these areas? Where are you currently working are you done with the hospitalist position? any advice would be appreciated! Thanks Moe