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    1. How did you get started in this job?
    2. What kind of training did you have that helped you get this job?
    3. What do you like most about this job?
    4. What do you like least about this job?
    5. Where do you see yourself and your career in five years? In ten years?
    6. What kind of schooling or training did you have to do to qualify for this job?
    7. Would you recommend this job to newcomers?
    8. What is your average day like?
    9. What skills does your job use?
    10. How has this job changed since you started?
    11. What does the future look like for a person in this job?
    12. What type of training would you recommend to a newcomer?

    Thank-you in advance for any answers.

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    Hello, I posted this in the Indiana forum, but I've decided to broaden my spectrum. I am going to be going to school through the Trade Adjustment Assistance program. For my schooling to be approved I need to interview a few LPNs. It wouldn't take a very long time and I can e-mail you the questions. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I used to work in a distribution warehouse. One day we were all called into our break room and told that we had been exposed to TB for six months by someone who no longer worked there. Later that day two very wonderful nurses came in to start the testing. I've got to say these nurses were great. They had to test over 100 people and they were very understanding when someone had a million questions or was afraid. One of the girls I worked with had become very afraid of all things medical after her husband died after battling cancer for many years. They were really good at comforting her and calming her down. In the end no one had contracted TB. We had all been in close contact with the person who had TB, even when he was coughing heavily. We just though it was congestion.

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    Hello, I am new here and in need of help. Back in June I lost my job and the government approved me for Trade Adjustment Assistance to pay for school. I am going to go to school to become an LPN. Working in a warehouse/factory setting and being a first responder was actually a great experience that helped me decide I wanted to become a nurse.
    I need to interview a few people that are currently or have been in the past, LPN's. This is required for my schooling to be approved. If you are willing to help, please let me know. I can e-mail you the questions or call you. Thank you very much.