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    I got an offer yesterday from a SICU..I accepted of course, AND it was one of the interviews that I did where I was telling the truth. Thanks all for your advice/help!

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    Ok, I won't even touch the tread that said I don't want to be a nurse.

    Ok, Maybe I will, LOL. I am in my second career, my first being teaching. I LOVE nursing. I would have done nursing from day one with my first career had it not been single mom, holidays off, etc. AND (this will answer more than one posters question) when asked "why did you leave your previous job", I have been truthful. I've said, it was a mutual decision for me to leave after I made a med error. Which then has caused them to ask what happened and I've explained from there. Then the majority of them have said, I don't see why he would have let you go after one med error and one even asked what else had happened to which I said, nothing...

    I don't need an excuse to leave nursing, I'm here for the long haul. I expected to be an employee at this facility for a long time. I set up retirement, credit union etc...

    As to personality, I never had any out and out disagreements with anyone. I'd questioned a few people as to why they do such and such just for my own knowledge but not in a condescending or angry way. I'd never been called to the carpet or into the office for anything. Any discussions of things I'd done wrong was done by my preceptor, out in the open because there was no big deal about what I did.

    I live in a small rural town with limited close resources to where I can work. That is my 'preferred' sites. The rest of where I can apply is 100 miles away. Which is where I was working previously, 120 miles from my home. I was dedicated to working there indefinately because there isn't much around my home. My family was dedicated to not seeing me 3 to 4 days/nights a week because I stayed in a motel while gone...

    I could go back to teaching, theres nothing wrong with my job references there. I've also owned a business in the past, a successful one, that I could do something like that again. BUT thats not what I want to do. I have worked in a hospital for the past 5 years, with 2 of them being in a clinical position, so I know what nursing is and actually having a license didn't change much, nursing was what I was doing prior to that in my unlicensed position (Not a CNA, I worked at a RHC so I mastered out of procedures and could do everything a LPN could do, IM, SQ, IV etc, drsg change, you name it)...I knew what I was 'getting myself into' when I passed the NCLEX and 'became' a nurse..

    Thanks for the good advice that I've received. I will continue to apply and interview as called and I just will not be honest. You see, I have no qualms about leaving that info out, but If you'll search my posts, I've asked for advice about this, and overwhelmingly EVERYONE said to be honest or this might jump up and bite me someday....So, I will avoid the subject like the plague now and hopefully, I will find job soon because my families budget can't handle me not working until after the new year...

    Thanks again

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    So how do I approach it, now that I've been honest with all of the 'preferred' jobs (for me preferred, lol)...

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    I had a person call to try to get information, when they called my unit, the boss wasn't there and all they got was voice mail, so she called back and called HR who refused to give her any info other than the dates of my employment without the signed release from me. I'm assuming this is what we all sign when we sign at the bottom of the applications (sorry so say, I've never read the fine print on an application) and by signing that are they allowed to say anything??

    It may be economy but the 2 specific hospitals I've been applying at have hundreds of positions open....yes I'm applying for select ones but at the 1 hospital, in the one specific area that I'm applying at has at least 5 openings (between PT, FT, PRN, days/nights)....

    I appreciate all the help guys, it hasn't changed anything but me knowing that if I don't get a job from one of these interviews then I WON'T be saying anything in the future even though I always thought honesty was the best policy!!

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    I haven't been telling them that I was fired, I've said that I made a med error (explained the details) and then said that it was mutual between me and my director that I didn't work there anymore because technically I quit even though I was asked to leave (I didn't WANT a firing on my record)...

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    You know, now that I'm thinking of it, I'd been complimented by my ADON that I was doing great on my charting (multiple times) and my ability to handle the pressures of my patients (very high acuity ICU), was sent to nights before any of the other new grads...I don't know what I did wrong other than that 1 mistake!

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    I had called in 1 time during the 5 months I was there, never asked for days off, never been in an arguement with anyone, seemed to get along with all employees/charge nurses, had passed all 'classes' that they had me go to, (strips etc)...As to the interviews: they will ask, wy are you leaving/left and I've been honest...I guess maybe I set myself up for the 'no' but I figured honesty was the best policy.. Everyone that has commented on it has said that they wouldn't have fired someone for 1 medication error...I swear, thats all that I'm aware of. I was never 'talked to' or given any email/written comments other than, 'you need to go to lab class' or stuff like that...

    No, I wasn't union. So, I've interviewed at all these places (which were my choices for jobs) there are those that jobs that I would prefer not to be working at and I haven't applied for them yet.....BUT...

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    No, I had minor little issues of time management etc while on orientation where my preceptor would help and then talk to me about it but I was NEVER written up, never given a verbal warning or anything...
    I'll have to check on the labor thing...Don't know who/where they are in my area...

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    Hi, I'm pretty new here. I just started posting since I had a problem at my last job. Here's the basic rundown:
    I am a new grad: Graduated May 08: got a job immediately, completed my 12 weeks of orientation with no problems and had been off orientation 8 weeks (total of 5 months on the job) and on my last shift I made a med error: Error was wrong PRN med given to patient (right patient, her med, just not time to give med): My patient had orders to be kept within SBP range of 160 to 200. I gave hydralazine when her BP dropped to 143 thinking that H=High=hydralazine and L=Low=labatalol. Why I thought this, I'm unsure, somehow got it wrong in my head and I didn't look it up. Sooo, pt put on Neo, also a PRN med of hers, SBP within range in 45 minutes, off NEO within 1 1/2 hrs and finished shift with no problems. Charge nurse knew of error in 5 minutes of error, charted in both MAR and patients chart. I didn't try to hide anything. Got called into the bosses office after my shift and was basically told that he couldn't use a nurse who made medication errors, he would have understood it more if I had taken pt A's med and given it to pt B. That error he could understand...
    So, I've applied for jobs since then: I was told that I was still hirable through this facility, just not this unit. I didn't keep my job search at just that facilility. He told me that when a prospective employer called him he would have to tell them of the incident (he was obligated). Well, he also said that if I quit that it would look better and that HR would just say to anyone calling that I was rehirable. So..., I've had interviews, 4 almost immediately (it's been almost a month) and then I waited til I heard back from them because "nursing shortage"...I was sure I would get one of the 4...well, no I wasn't hired for any of the 4, I was honest during the interviews and all but 1 was shocked that I was fired for 1 medication error with no write ups prior to this...So, I interviewed for 1 on Monday and then 4 yesterday and so far I've heard back from 1 of those 5 and it's a no...I was advised to seek legal attention (on this site) but didn't want to take it to that level because I did make a mistake but I don't want my career to be screwed up over this either and it seems I can't find a job.....I also don't have the money for a lawyer to fight this...

    Help me!

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    Thanks all, Keep your fingers crossed!! The four interviews tomorrow...ugh! I hope at least one of them offers me a position!!!

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    Thanks so much. My family has been real supportive and they keep saying to just lie but I didn't want to but I really NEED a job, it's been almost a month now and I've been job hunting daily!!

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    Hi, I have 4 interviews tomorrow which is great BUT the problem is that I got fired from my last job for a medication error (see my post for specific details in first year of nursing)...It was my first med error, I was a new grad in May 08 and had 12 wks of orientation with no problems, had been out of orientation for 8 wks and made an error, pt lived, no major problems and at the end of the shift, NM basically told me that they couldn't have a nurse that made errors on their unit. Now, I've had 4 interviews since then and I've been honest at all of them and have gotten no's from 3 out of the 4, still waiting to hear from the fourth, so not real promising. My question is this, do I continue being honest about the med error in my interviews tomorrow and hope that someone gives me a chance or do I lie?? I'm so unsure of what I should do. I've been told by my ex boss that when someone calls HR all they will be told is that I'm rehirable but I'm not in that particular unit....What do I do?

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    I had 3 PRN medications ordered to keep her SBP between 160 and 200...neosynephrine, labetelol and hydralazine. I knew that the gtt was prefered to NOT be started because it is hard to wean off, I mistakenly had the idea that hydralazine brought bp up, rather than down...thats the med I gave.

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    Yeah, I'm a new grad, I've worked on this floor. Finished my orientation 2 months ago. NEVER made a med mistake on orientation, this is my FIRST med mistake. I know I should always look up medications but I've given this medication before, looked it up I don't know how many times with my preceptor (while on orientation) and I got it somehow mixed up that it made BP go up rather than down. I know I'm lucky that nothing happened to my patient, but I feel that I should have gotten something other than firing...I'd made stupid mistakes while on orientation and since, but NEVER a med mistake. I'd never been written up for anything, I'd had the talk about not making mistakes (when ever I made a mistake while on orientation they would say this is what you did, this is what you should have done, etc but no write ups) and then my first med mistake, I'm fired....It's been a week and still no interviews for another job....I figure my ex boss is out there trashing me... Ok, I'm bitter, sorry!!

    Also, yes, this is a mistake that I will never forget, hydralazine makes BP go down, labetelol makes BP go down, I know they don't do anything other than that. I just hope that I can be able to give them or any other medication at some point...

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    Feel very lucky that you still have a job. I made one mistake at my 5 month after graduation (not on orientation anymore) limit and got fired. One mistake only.. I had never made another med mistake, other stupid mistakes while on graduation. I would love to have another change, but I was fired the same day I made the mistake. Given no chance, had never gotten a verbal/written or otherwise just fired....So be thankful that you're given the chance to prove yourself. I'm just sitting here with no job, judging myself....