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    Alright just left the schhol and I am good to go, anyone else interested you can check with the security office at HFCC they were very informative. As far as possetion of a controlled substance goes. 5 years has to pass before you are eligable as long as it is a misdemeanor. She provided me with this web site as well.

    Hope this helps someone else out.

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    no they were misdemeanors, thanks

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    Does anyone no what excludes someone from being admitted into the HFCC nursing program? I have a pot charge that is 6 yrs old and a DUI that is 2 years old... will this exclude me? Is there a link that anyone knows of where I can find this info out? Also, is there anyone with similar problems that take the state license test? I wanna make sure I am not going to be waisting my time. Thanks in advance