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    I am a senior nursing student, expected to graduate in june 2009 (God willing). I really want to apply to a RN internship at a cancer hospital in ohio. It is a very competitive program and I am looking for things to spice up my resume and make it stand out. Any ideas of Oncology related organizations I can join while still a student? Maybe places to volunteer? Anything that I can put on my resume that is related to oncology would better help my chances, but I am having trouble thinking of what it is they would like to see? I would love to hear from you nurses who remember what this first job search is like : (
    also, anyone have any experience with RN internship programs for new grads? THANKYOU !!

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    hello all!
    I am interested in applying to the OSU RN internship program. I am a senior nursing student who will be graduating in june 2009 (God willing). I am very interested in the internship for The James Cancer Center. Has anyone gone through the RN internship at OSU? Im not sure when to send in my resume, and what to include on it that will make me stand out and better my odds. ANY information on the internship would be HUGELY appreciated. I am mostly worried about when to apply, when the program starts, who to get in contact with...that kind of stuff.

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    Im interested in ANY area that isnt OB or pedes. and I'd also work any shift. That new Dublin methodist looks really nice!!

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    Hello everyone!
    I will be graduating with my BSN in june! I would like to relocate to columbus, oh, but i heard that they are kind of in a job freeze for nurses there. Do any of you have any advice? Are all the hospitals in columbus really not hiring many nurses (espicially new grads)? How about any areas close to columbus? Any advice on hospitals that ARE hiring and the best ways to get myself to the top of the hiring list! I'd appreciate any help!! thanks!

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    I will be graduating in june 09 with my BSN. I currently live in cincinnati but I am looking to relocate to columbus and get a job there. I just have no idea when I should start the application process?! When did you all apply for your first job? I have heard the job market for RNs in columbus isnt too great..but I'll give it a try. I am just having trouble figuring out when to start harassing recruiters for a job : ) and when to move down there. This post may be in the wrong section but I am not very computer savvy and am having trouble navigating this website...I would appreciate ANY help on columbus, the job search...or anything else you guys can help me with! thanks!