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    Look at the bright side - 80 out of 140 are GREAT odds. Here it's 30 out of 500+ applicants at each of the 3 schools.

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    Ugh. Realized that the Chem class I was signed for was at the wrong campus (one I cant go to)

    So now - assessment for English (mine expired )

    And I'm going to have to add into ALL my classes in the Fall

    Chemistry Problem Solving

    Thank you everyone for your help and making me do some deep internetz searching to find some answers!

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    I'm sorry. I was totally confused. It's not organic chem... it's just regular chem. I dont know why I kept thinking it was organic. dumb.

    OK - my counselor told me I needed to do classes in that order but Im going through the online catalog and it has mirco as an 'advisory' not a 'pre-req' for anatomy which means I CAN do the schedule above.

    OK, so I was totally confused. Now I have to figure out how to set up my schedule and beg my way into anatomy in the fall.

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    Quote from Adams_Mommy_07
    Is there any way you can take your courses at a different institution? I have never heard of chemistry being a pre-req to Micro.

    Anatomy and Physiology I

    Anatomy and Physiology II
    See - that would work perfectly. I think I'm going to check out the other two schools. I like that mine is convenient (2 min away) but I'd rather drive 30 min each way and cut my schooling in 1/2.

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    Are all your classes pre-reqs to each other or can you take them concurrently? I have 6 classes left - chem, 3 bio scis, eng and nutrition yet it will take 4 semesters because I cannot take any of the following at the same time....

    Organic Chem pre-req to Microbiology which is a pre-req to Anatomy which is a pre-req to Physiology.

    I find this just a little frustrating and don't know when this system started or why. I took Anatomy (withdrew) about 6 years ago and did not need to take the other 2 classes to get in so I know a change was made somewhere along the lines of my leaving the school years ago.

    Any other schools do this or am I the only unlucky one here? I feel like I'm never going to get these classes done. It's going to take years to finish my classes....

    On top of that you have to have ALL general ed classes done AND final grades submitted before applying for the nursing programs. So at this point I have this..

    Summer 08 - classes
    Fall 08 - classes
    Spring 09 - classes
    Summer 09 (planned to take Chem but couldn't so...)
    Fall 09 - Chem, English
    Spring 10 - Microbiology, Nutrition
    Fall 10 - Anatomy
    Spring 11 Physiology

    THEN the cut off for applying to nursing school is in April (classes finish in May) so I cannot apply to nursing schools until April of 2012 because grades won't be in!!! (We cannot get a letter with the assumed grade and current grade - has to be FINAL grade)

    Then I have the problem of all 3 local schools each having 500+ applicants for 30 spots a year. I'm just thinking of changing my major.... I could have a Masters degree by the time I get my RN at this rate.

    Am I missing something!?!? It can't be this difficult.... I must be missing some knowledge about nursing school/pre-nursing.

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    Quote from baldee
    Don't take 5 week science lab courses. You'll be sorry! And it won't sink in anyway.
    I guess this really has to do with the person and the school. For someone with no job or real responsibilities (other than cooking dinner and picking up my husbands dry cleaning) 24 hours a week in class and studying isn't a big deal. It's only 7 weeks.. it's not forever!

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    No way would I drive 1.5 hours for school. 1) thats a LOT of driving 2) thats a LOT of gas and with the prices rising. Ouch. That's also a LOT of time away from the family. Of course this is coming from someone who actually moved to be close to school (now 2 minutes away).

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    Organic Chemistry first part. I wanted to take Microbiology the 2nd part but it's not offered.... so I may take Nutrition and English... we'll see.

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    4 1/4% = .0425 not 4.25

    .0425x = 8.5

    Answer = 200

    Same with the other one.

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    Cancel my membership here? I tried to make it so it stopped sending me emails but it's still doing it. Help?

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    Quote from FutureNOVARN
    Well, you have continued to misunderstand me. I am sorry you hate this site so much. Maybe you should read some of the threads about nursing school drama, If you can't handle what you consider rude then maybe you should read some threads about what people have experienced during nursing school as well as their first year(s) on the job.. I will only tell you the truth. You only beat yourself up about your grades, nobody else, including me, did that.
    Seriously? I mean really? Have you read anything I wrote before replying to me?!!?!? I never beat myself up about my grades. I understand why I have my grades and I'm proud of the grades Ive gotten these last 2 semesters. Its people with 3.9 GPAs on here that are beating themselves up about their grades with I find sad and pathetic. If you want a 4.0 you need to put in what it takes to get that.. I find it in bad taste that there are people complaining about their 3.95 or getting a B. I never complained about my grades. I was explaining what happened. Where you took it from that to me beating myself up I have no idea but why don't you just leave me the **** alone. K?

    I know how catty and bratty nurses are. My husband is a convalescent home admin. I've been to beauty school - I've worked in a salon. I can hold my own. Problem is with those who think they know everything or think they know ME when they have no clue that I cannot stand.

    On a side note: I never said I don't care about my grades. Stop putting words in my mouth. Again, I was explaining what happened and what I have to do because of it. Can you quote my anywhere saying I don't care about my grades? I believe I already explained the grade situation. This is so unbelievable. I mean I'm arguing with some person who could be a 50 year old man living in his mothers basement pretending to be a college student. Anyway - I'd have replied to your PM but for some reason I'm unable to so I thought I'd throw that out there.

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    Quote from FutureNOVARN
    I wasn’t questioning your mentality. I was simply pointing out something that for some people whose schools don’t look at anything but your grades, there is no option but to strive for the highest possible marks, in order to do what you can to potentially guarantee your spot in a program. I think it is a good goal to have but I don’t think that it is fully necessary or possible for everyone.

    I didn’t mean to sound discouraging, YOU are the one that said it will be an uphill battle for yourself. Don’t transfer your own doubtful feelings on to what I said. I never said you couldn’t do it, nor do I think it is impossible. You said yourself that your As will still count as W/F when you apply, I was simply saying that it is still a good idea to get As in those classes because it shows the selection committee that you made a mistake but that you are fully capable of better grades. Like FlyGirl said, “your GPA is only as important as the program you are applying to makes it” That is very true. At some schools, especially with lottery selection, it doesn’t matter what your GPA is.

    But as others have pointed out. In order to remain competitive, a 4.0 is very important. It doesn’t shut out those that don’t have 4.0, it’s just the way it is…
    My A isn't an F. My 'W' is looked at as an F even when I get an A the second time around. Foolish me for taking that class SIX YEARS AGO before I had any plans of going to nursing school. ALL grades are important - uphill battle as Im starting school backwards. Rather than starting with no grades Im starting with Fs. Not a big deal as I can and am re-doing those classes and none of those Fs will count. You are very rude (and theres more obscene words Id rather put than 'rude' and I probably should since I could care less about being banned).

    Maybe you should use that 4.0 head of yours before opening your mouth. I was told to come to this site for support. Instead Im getting ripped a virtual new one by some broad I don't know/don't give a rats you know what about. This site is full of holier than thou/Im better than you students. If the field of nursing if filled by people like you maybe I should go into a different field. Last thing I want is to work with a bunch of stuck up brats. Good bye and be careful because that attitude of yours WILL catch up with you in the end.

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    Im going to go to the Sac State advisory meeting and I looked up Samuel Merritt College to get more info on it. Thanks again.

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    Oh awesome! Thanks! I'd rather pay a bit more than have to wait 2 years to get into a program.

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    Quote from FutureNOVARN
    Just so you know many pre-nursing students apply this mentality to ALL of their classes, if I were in your situation I would do the same. You'll have to redeem yourself in one way or another.
    Wow. OK... that was rude. I wasn't telling you what my mentality was - I was repeating what classes the most emphasis is put on at my school. FYI - I have a 4.0 semester (summer) and a 3.6 semester (fall) so far since I've been back in school which explains why my GPA got over 2.0 with so many Fs so far but thanks for the encouragement.