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    We may be relocating with the military to the Newport RI area and I am curious as to how the jobs are. It looks like google is throwing a few hospitals at me:

    Newport Hospital, South County Hospital, Saint Anne's Hospital, and Charlton Memorial Hospital

    Any information on any of these?

    I work in a small LDRP where we do labor, delivery, recovery, post partum, triage/observations and circulate for our c/sections. I am of course looking to stay in L/D.

    Any idea if these hospitals are with unions where I can find their pay scale online ? Or does anyone know what the pay runs with 3 years experience ?

    Thanks for any info

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    Thanks for the response.....What is INOVA?

    Does the pay typically increase by $1 per year of experience ? That is the way it is where I am currently at. Say 25 for new grad, 26 with 1 yr, 27 with 2 does that until I think 10 years then it goes up every other year by 1.


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    You can do it with the is a ranking system and they only take 32 people each year...once per year. If you dont make it you have to reapply next year.

    You get so many points (was 13 when I went a few years ago) for having all of your General Education classes....then you take the NET (nursing entrance test) and you get 10% of your score (so if you make a 90 you get 9 points) then you get 1 point if you are an LPN, EMT, etc. You get points for your if you have a 4.0 you get 4 points plus an extra 0.5 to any score (so max would be 4.5)

    Then they add all your points and rank the packages of people applying.
    So here is an example of mine:

    I had all classes done .... 13 points
    I had a GPA 4.0 .... 4.5 points
    I had a 98 on NET .... 9.8 points

    Added up: 27.3

    The max you could get was 28 points. So then they looked at everyone's score and took the top 32.

    In our class, and the class before and classes after that I knew pp in EVERYONE that made it had ALL of their classes done. If you didnt you wouldnt make it in.

    it is very hard to make it in unless you have them done.

    My advice, take all of our general classes then apply so that you get max credits. Plus you want to focus on your nursing classes rather than having to do Anatomy or Biology or something while taking them. You will put many many hours in at home working on nursing care plans, doing medication cards, etc.

    I am now working on my RN to BSN through Grand Canyon University online program and relocated out of state with my military husband.

    Good luck and feel free to ask any questions..
    UAA Class of 2008

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    I am an RN with 2 years experience looking for pay rates at Prince William Hospital in Manassas VA and also at Fauquier Hospital in Warrenton VA.

    Would love to know the base pay and what the differentials are.

    Do these hospitals have RN Unions? I looked online to see if I could find the local chapters. The hospital I work for in another state has a website for the union and I can pull up the pay scale on there. Was having trouble locating such information for the above VA hospitals.....maybe they do not have a union.

    Thanks so much everyone !!

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    I am on a surgical floor and generally work the 3-1130 shift....during that time we typically carry 5-6 pts to 1 RN. We have a CCA, usually, but that varies and not every one of them "enjoy" their work-thus you get different levels of care from them. We have some GREAT ones though!!!

    I have also been on nights there and it can go to 7-8 for 1 RN.

    Days usually has less...about 4-5 at the most to 1 RN.

    But I agree w/ the stmt above, it depends on the pts not the numbers....i had one pt the other night that took up A HUGE amt of my time so fortunately the charge nurse was able to help w/ my others bc I had 5 others on top of the 1 that involved more time.

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    Yeah I actually work at Holy Family. It was a few wks ago when they did the freeze. A coworker's brother works at Kootenai and said Monday night at work that they are doing the same now.

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    I saw your post about the Spokane area hiring that you posted the first wk of April.....I am not sure if you are in Spokane or not, but both Sacred Heart and Holy Family which are both Providence Hospitals are in a hiring Freeze right now. I was also told Monday that Kootenai in ID is also doing a hiring freeze which is most likely affecting the residency program as well.

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    So with your 2 that you hold do you simply meet the criteria and continue to renew/pay for both lic?

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    I am a new grad nurse with a WA state lic.
    I am interested in a position in ID, just across the border.
    Can I hold 2 lic?
    If I apply for a ID lic by endorsement, bc I have to have it in order to apply for this job, and I dont get the job....what do I do with the ID lic? I dont want it to lapse. Is there a hold on it I could put?

    Thx for any info

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    Well I am a new grad, havent started working yet...but did pump through nursing school...and will be doing the same once I start working since I just had another baby in Oct.

    I used the locker room to pump. I was careful to sit in the corner and cover up good just in case someone came in. Most smiled and said sorry to barge in....I am comfortable pumping even if someone else is there, as long as I am covered, so it was never an issue for me.

    At school I would use the lab that was not used during that time frame.

    I also have the Medela Pump In Style and I love it....had the Advanced before but just upgraded to the newest unit. I like this one bc, unlike the older model and the backpack that is new, the pump itself can come out and is really small and compact.

    I also like the sterilizing bags made by Medela bc you dont have to bring the bottle brush or dishsoap. Just rinse the parts out and put them in the bag w/ the required amt of water....put in microwave and they are clean.

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    No I do not have a place yet. They take applications in April/May for start date of June. The director spoke with the nurse manager in L/D and was told she would have 1 spot open ,,,, maybe 2 but at least 1. There are other areas that participate such as ER, OR, ICU, and then OB. You apply, interview, and then are selected to your listed department. You can put 2 down. If not then just 1. If you put 1, say OB, and you dont get picked for that 1 then you are done. If you put an alternate then you may get the alternate.

    I asked how many people usually apply for OB. He said it varies year to year. Last year there were 2 applicants for OB and only 1 slot. Not bad odds. But he said he has had 15 applicants for 1 slot.

    You have to be a new grad with less than 4 months working experience as a nurse. So it is a one time try for me after which I cant wait for the next round. They do it twice a year.

    youknowho: Are you saying take another job and still try for the OB slot or pass on the residency program all together?


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    Also...any other recommendations on classes to take to make my chances better at getting the spot?
    I have attended a High Risk OB Conference by PESI, taken Fetal Heart Monitoring online class by AWHONN, Sterile Intrapartum Sterile Speculum Examination by, and plan on taking my NRP Certification and looking also at Forget-Me-Not Perinatal Bereavement class.

    I really want this position and need to be sure I do everything I can to improve my chances....there is only 1 spot available.

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    I could use some input.
    I just got a call back from a hospital across the border, so it is about 45-60 minute drive. They offer an RN residency program and one department included is OB. I talked to the director and he felt like I have a good shot being that I have taken extra classes on my own, such as Fetal Heart Monitoring and High Risk OB, etc to further educate myself.

    The next application cycle is April/May for starting the end of June.

    So what do I do now? I was offered 2 other jobs on Medical floors at 2 different hospitals. They are much closer but I really have OB in my heart. I dont feel right about taking a job at either of the other hospitals and having them orient me for 6-8 weeks if I am going to apply in 5 mths. What if I get it...I would take it for sure. But at the same time...what if I dont make it? If I turn down the current jobs and am honest about why I am doing so, bc of the RN Residency (I have been very upfront with HR at both hospitals that my goal is OB)...and then I dont make it...then I have wasted another 5 months with not working.

    Will they consider me for another position at that point??? Will there be any positions open at that point???

    I am soo confused I could cry.

    I dont want to burn any bridges either by taking and then leaving....or by not taking and then wanting it later.

    I would be required to work for 2 yrs at this hospital after the residency program, so 2.5 years of making the drive. In all reality after 2 yrs I would like to get closer to home so I dont want to burn bridges.


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    Any feedback on Residency Programs? This one is 6 mths long...after that time I have to sign for 2 yrs with the hospital.

    My heart is telling me to go for it or I will always wonder if I could have made it. I really want OB and this is the only for sure way of getting it (if I make the program) vs going through a few yrs of med/surg to *possibly* get there.

    Any other feedback/recommendations/opinions would be great.