Possibly relocating to Newport RI


We may be relocating with the military to the Newport RI area and I am curious as to how the jobs are. It looks like google is throwing a few hospitals at me:

Newport Hospital, South County Hospital, Saint Anne's Hospital, and Charlton Memorial Hospital

Any information on any of these?

I work in a small LDRP where we do labor, delivery, recovery, post partum, triage/observations and circulate for our c/sections. I am of course looking to stay in L/D.

Any idea if these hospitals are with unions where I can find their pay scale online ? Or does anyone know what the pay runs with 3 years experience ?

Thanks for any info


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Have you transitioned to Newport, RI?


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Well, Saint Annes and Charton are in MA I believe so don' know too much about them. South County Hospital is a small hospital in south kingstown. They don't really have an active labor unit. And you'd have to pass the Pell bridge which you pay $4 one way, or $40 a month for a pass.

Your best bet is Women & Infants in Providence. Largest obstetrical facility in RI, 2nd in New England, 10th in the United States.


Don't know much about it. If no luck with L/D theres always Hasbro Children's hospital or Rhode Island hospital (which is connected to W&I)



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I don't have an answer to your question, but do know that if you're military you can bring a copy of your husbands orders to EZ pass and go over the bridge for $0.88 instead of $4.00. Good luck!