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    Only in Nursing School would you buy extra packs of socks and underwear for you and the children, so you would have to do less laundry, then you could study the 50 hrs of work in 6 hrs....but even though you failed the didnt feel like a complete loser cause everyone had clean undergarments.

    Believe me, its a bad day to fail a quiz, and have to do laundry when you get buy extra !!!!

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    But also for me I realized that at anytime it could be me, with the tears in my eyes, leaving them, and my dreams of finishing school gone in a poof. Yes I could return, and I have seen many posts of people who have done that and did better the second time around, but thats not the route I want to take, Im here now, and want to stay.

    the scene I witnessed, as we all stood in the hallway waiting for each other, and then to see tears, it really was.....well....sad, that peoples dreams were crushed, be it a silly math error, or not appyling themselves, either way it was sad.

    This has been all the motivation I have needed in the last few days...hope ot helps you.

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    I also stuggle at times with the motivation to study. The other day I saw the devestaion of not studying from the other side, I watched 3 of my class mates walk out of the math test, with tears in their eyes, they failed, and are unable to return to school...thats it, kicked out !!! It was sad to see how easliy it can all slip away, all the work, or if they didnt study the feeling of complete regret on their faces, that they thought they could slip by, and then they didnt was sad, and also enlightening.

    So Im not sure if I have tips for you to GET motivated a few days earlier, but for me, watching my friends fail, and seeing the hurt, that at any time could be me, has given me ALOT of motivation on the last few days.

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    YES !!! Im only 7 weeks into NS and I have had to pick it up 3-4 times so far. Im glad I still have it.
    Funny thing is I have the same book as you. I used to think it was heavy and complained carrying it to class.
    I put it on the shelf at home last Spring when A&P was over, havent looked at it till 2 weeks ago, when I picked it up off the shelf it felt like a feather compared to some of my nursing books :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

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    Is he pressuring you in some way ? Your post sounds like your really stressed over it, thats why I asked.
    If he is thats a diffrent issue...but if he just asked and that all...then just say NO...problem solved

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    I would not quit, I would figure something out. Is there a city bus terminal in your area, not intercity transportatin but like Greyhound ? I know its early in the AM...arent there any other student going to the same clinical as you ?
    Is there a teacher that will be at that clinical ???

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    I wouldnt do anything, unless another person saw her its your word against her's.

    I would be leary of her in the future as well.

    The info that she cheated on will catch up with her somewhere...and then she will realize you cant cut corners.

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    Im a new ADN student also, about your age, and I was lucky enough to find 3 people, out of the 70 in the class, that I knew from A&P...thats it, I know nobody else, so I understand. We also do alot of self teaching and I'm struggling as well, but back to you.

    If you scanned the room of 70 people is everyone with someone else ? Do you see 1-2 people who are sitting alone, maybe with their heads down as well ? If so they may be feeling the same way you are, maybe you could approach them ( I know hard for an introvert) and see if they have a study group, they may not either.

    I know in my class there are all ranges of people, young people who have a clique, people that have young children who fit togehter, the "older" crowd who's kids are grown and so on. I also see a few people who come to class, dont really talk to anyone, leave quielty, and then come back the next day and do it over again, never really connecting to anyone. There has to be a few like that in your class, look for them, try and gather some courage, and talk to them. They may blow you off, so be prepared, or they may be glad that another bookish introvert found them.

    Dont feel bad for falling happens to the best of first test is Monday, so Im sure Im due for a crack in my psyche soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Luck

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    This book saved my life !! I bought it used online in A&P 2 and I wish I would have had it in A&P 1...

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    Im also a ADN Student and single mother of 3, 19 ( in college),16 and 7 yrs old. Although I am making ends meet with alot of budgeting , there have been times, like when I first was divorced when I felt just like you.
    Some things I did

    I cut the cable to 10 channels, with all the DVD movies the kids had there was enough to watch, and PBS was still available so they had educational shows.
    Bill was $75 a month, went down to $12.75 !! You have to call the cable company and ask about the BASIC plan, they have it but do not advertise it usually.

    We have a scratch and dent store called Amelia's. Has canned goods that have dents and cant be sold at the regular grocery store and sell for about .25 a can in addition to other things that are fine, just not perfect for the regular store. We also have a store called ALDI which sells off brand soups, cereals, rice, butter, everything you find in a regular grocery store, just off brand
    Had a budget of $500 a month for the kids and I ( there were 4 of us) for food, it dropped to $350 !!!

    I saw on Oprah once a woman who said that if she isant using something it is UNPLUGGED !!! She said that even leaving toasters and such plugged in draws some electricity, I tried it, and I must admit that plugging the can opener in to use it was a pain at first, also unplugging the TV at night when I went to bed was annoying, but I was curious so I tried it just to see, and suprisingly my electric bill dropped from $120 a month to $90...thats $30 bucks !!! I must admit I dont so it anymore, but it did save some $.

    Pack your lunch !!! Make sure you have plastic containers and pack left over and Peanut Butter sandwichs...I was buying at school with the other girls...cost me $6-7 a day !!! At the end of a month of school that $120 bucks !!

    If you have a cell phone look at the you have internet on the phone ? If so do you really need it ? I see many of the younger classmates checking their Facebook on a break on their phones. These plans can cost $20- 50 a month...and right now its really not have computers at home and at school and changing their update to " I hate this class" can wait till they get home.

    Winter is coming, if you pay heat then plastic on the windows can really save some $. It is inexpensive and you can buy it at any Walmart or Lowes.

    A guilty pleasure of mine...Iced Tea from the convenince store, to the tune of $2.50 a gallon. When I was broke I bought a box of 100 generic tea bags and a 5lb bag of sugar at the store...cost about $6.00...made about 10 gallons of iced tea and saved $19.00 a month.

    I know these may seem like small nickel and dime things ...but the add up ALOT.

    I just showed changes that can save someone $300 or so a month !!! Nursing school is, in the grand scheme of life, a short time, only 2 everything you can to make sure you can devote your time to it, so later down the road you can afford to keep the cable on

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    I am only entering my 3rd week of NS and I can tell you that I am overwhelmed ! Its not that what i am reading is hard, its the amount of reading. I have reading for lecture, lab and clinical each week and it comes to about 15-20 chapters of info. Then there is the skills that have to be learned and practiced over and over again so you can pass the skills check off. So I would have to say the volume of work that needs done is more of a problam than the work itself.

    Funny thing is I have read over and over again here that the volume was the problem. So even though I was warned and I thought I knew what I was getting into and I thought I was prepared for it...I wasnt. Nothing but actually being there can drive home how much work it really is.

    Juggling work and family only make it more diffucult. Even after only 2 weeks I have adopted the additude of Dory from the Disney Nemo movie, I JUST KEEP SWIMMING !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have actually sang it out loud a few times and it calms me down.

    Good Luck

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    Yeah !!!

    You have a plan, and now you will be able to devote your time to studying... soon enough you and I hopefully will be a ....then we can buy name brand chips and soda !!!

    Good Luck

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    Congrats !!

    I know people work alot and are successful at school but some cant. As I said before be very frugal with your money. When you first get it it is easy to spend on things you dont really need because its in the bank, and then its GONE and your sunk. Some advise would be to pay your bills ahead as far as you can, say a few months of rent or car insurance. After that whats left divide by the number of weeks you have until your next loan check.
    EX: if you have $1000 left divided by 16 weeks give you $62.50 a week for groceries and gas ( thats not much). Hopefully its just you and you like Ramen Noodles and Kool Aid :wink2:. This way you can insure that you have enough to get through.

    Everyone I have meet in NS thus far is moniterily broke so your poorness wont stick out, mine hasnt anyway.

    Good Luck

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    I waitress Sat and Sun mornings from 8-2pm for grocery and gas money.

    For the rest of my living expenses I am taking a $4000 loan a semester to live off of, I also receive child support, not much, but every little bit helps.

    I am on an extremely tight budget and when that big loan check comes I have to be careful not to buy needless things so it last for the 4-6 months that i need.

    I think taking a loan is an invesment in your future and you shouldnt worry to much about it, but do be CAREFUL with the money. It is very easy to get a lump sum and think you can afford to order chinese, buy that pair of shoes you do not need but you have been looking at or get highlights when a haircut is all that is neccesary.

    So take the loan, be frugal and study hard.

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    When my sister was in LPN school she knew a girl who was pregnant and the rules for absence was NOT bent for her.
    I think they were aloud 1 missed clinical day for the semester. Lucky for the freind she has the baby I think on a Sat or Sunday, took off Monday as her 1 miss for the semester and back in school Tuesday.

    Yikes !!!!!!!!