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  • 0 those who need advice for the next exam I would recommend taking a prep course. The course that I took was called PASS RN offered at George Brown College. The two day workshop is only offered in the spring...However, they have a one day tutorial class for $75. In this tutorial, they focus on the type of questions that are on the exam and how to choose the right one. It it focused on study tips which I thought were very helpful. They also provide handouts on these study tips as well as other things to focus on. I think the next tutorial is December 10. For more info...the site is I also thought Mosby's Prep Guide for Canadian RN Exam was helpful. This prep guide has ALOT of multiple choice questions that are broken down into three practice exams. They also provide rationales for each answer. I hope this helps... Goodluck

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    Hi everyone....I just checked my mail and recieved good news...I a second time writer, this was one of the scariest things I ever had to go through....Thanks to everyone who provided information on this board. I was able to relate to so many of you. To those still anxiously awaiting, I wish you the best of luck. If anyones wondering...i wrote and live in Toronto...(etobicoke) GOODLUCK

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    Hi..... I have also been looking for a prep course in Toronto. I was not able to find anything for the longest time. I was looking at Toronto colleges/university websites and came across a Prep course at George Brown College in Downtown Toronto. I seen your post along with other postings on google when i was searching for prep courses so i joined to let u and others know about this if u are interested. The prep course is 2 days long and is held on Sept 27 and Sept 28th. I believe it is 17 hours in total. The cost of the prep course is $284.00. For more information you could go on the george brown website: and then click on continuing education. After this, a list will come up. Look for nursing under this list. After u click on nursing another list will come up...look for nurse exam review and this will give u the information u need to know

    I hope all this helps
    All the best and goodluck