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    Your story is very inspiring.

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    I graduated a few years ago with a BS in biology. My GPA was a horrendous 2.25 with a ton of credits taken (around 170 or so). After graduating, I retook around 30 credits worth of classes including patho, micro, biochem, anatomy and a year of organic chem and made straight A's. I got lucky and was admitted to an accelerated BSN program and made straight A's again. I've been working travel since and am looking for an ICU position for some experience.

    Do I have a chance with my grades? My current gpa is around a 2.8 with all courses calculated (4.0 for nursing courses and 2.5 for bio and post-bacc) Will a high GRE score make up for my low biology grades?

    I still have a year or two before I apply so any advice to improve my application is appreciated. Thanks in advance. :bowingpur