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    hey guys... i am new to this forum and i see so many helpful threads here so i guess i should ask some questions here too... ) i am currently a college student in my senior year with a degree in biology. i wanted to pursue a career in nursing... but right now i am kind of stucked with the visa issues... i am currently holding a F-1 international student visa... but i figured after i graduate i won't have time to compelete all those studies with the limited time of stay in the US given by the 1 year OPT from the school... i wanted to ask you guys that if i graduate from a US nursing school and start work at a hospital as an RN or BSN... would i be able to get green card that way...? because i am scared that after i comeplete the degree i might be forced to leave the US... help me guys if u know how the process works... i am kind of stucked here... >< thank you all so much...

    ps. sorry for my bad english... and thank you all for look over my story...