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  • Apr 12

    I am a midwifery student at Frontier, so I can only tell you about my experience. All students start with the same masters core curriculum, however, so I can tell you that your education will be a good one. There are two required on-campus sessions required for applicants who enter with a bachelors degree, and 3 for applicants who enter with an associate degree. One session, Frontier Bound, is attended before you begin your program of study. The other, clinical bound, is attended before you begin your clinical practicum in your community. Associate students (bridge students) attend a 3rd session in the middle of those at the end of the bridge year prior to the start of the masters classes, called crossing the bridge.

    These on-campus sessions are packed full of activities, and while they center on helping you to forge a bond with the students who will become your online support network, they also incorporate many valuable experiences to help you on your educational path. You'll meet your instructors face to face, meet with financial aid and your advisor. There are seminars on how to navigate their system, sessions with the librarian on how to use the online library and databases, test taking tips, college writing, and of course, seminars on your chosen specialty. Frontier Bound is a fantastic experience...imagine being in a room with many other intelligent, motivated women (and a few men) who have decided now is the time to begin their journey. It's a fantastic experience and I made what I'm sure will be lifelong friends. (We found time in our busy schedules for wine and a campfire.) Clinical Bound is more about teaching you the hands on skills you'll need before you start your practicum. This is where they go over the things that may be difficult to learn in an online format. I haven't been to clinical bound yet, I can only tell you I've seen some hilarious looking pictures that were taken there.

    Frontier is a great school, and I wish you luck in your journey.